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Organisational structure

Group Description
OER Foundation
OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers
  • Assembly of senior leaders from OERu partners called together for consultation on strategic higher education futures and open education approaches.
OERu Management Committee
  • Comprises conveners of the active working groups
  • Coordinate and provide managerial oversight over the implementation of the OERu strategic plan
Working groups
  • Comprises participants from OERu partner institutions
  • Responsible for the implementation of the OERu cooperation.

OERu management committee and active working groups

The OERu management committee comprises the conveners of active working groups. The management committee meet virtually approximately three times a year using Google Hangouts. Meetings are streamed live and recorded using Hangouts on Air.

Working group Conveners
Strategic planning working group Jim Taylor
Marketing, communications & partner engagement Irwin DeVries
David Porter
Curriculum, programme of study and quality David Bull
Wayne Mackintosh
Standing committee for credit transfer Marc Singer
Technology Brian Lamb
Dave Lane
MVP task force Wayne Mackintosh

Former working groups

Former group Conveners Details
OERu partner's & course development manual Irwin DeVries Activities subsumed by the new Partner Engagement Working Group
Credit transfer and course articulation advisory service Christine Wihak
Ron McGivern
Tasks completed. OERu articulation activities now coordinated by the Standing Committee for Credit Transfer
PLAR portfolio course Marc Singer PLAR portfolio course activities on hold until more partners engage.