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Key points
The OERu Management Committee:
  • is responsible for operational planning and coordination of the implementation of the OERu
  • comprises the conveners and co-conveners of the active OERu working groups.
  • meets regularly for open planning meetings which are broadcast live using Google Hangouts on Air


  1. To provide managerial and operational oversight over the implementation of the activities of the OERu working groups.
  2. To seed and implement activities as required to enable the OERu network in achieving the outcomes for which it was set up.


  1. To implement the decisions of the OERuMC
  2. To coordinate the operational activities of the OERu working groups to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort among the OERu working groups
  3. To represent the OERu network and liaise with organisations outside the collaboration in achieving the aims of the partnership.
  4. To determine operational priorities for the successful implementation of the OERu for the benefit of its partner institutions and the learners we serve
  5. To locate resources (funding and staff time) to assist with the implementation of OERuMC decisions.
  6. To inform the ongoing development of the OERu strategic plan
  7. To serve as forum for the exchange of ideas and OERu best practice

Conveners of the active OERu working groups

Working group Conveners
Strategic planning working group Jim Taylor
Marketing, communications & partner engagement Irwin DeVries
David Porter
Curriculum, programme of study and quality David Bull
Wayne Mackintosh
Standing committee for credit transfer Marc Singer
Technology Brian Lamb
Dave Lane
MVP task force Wayne Mackintosh

Discussion list


2016 meetings

  1. 16.04 Meeting of the OERu Management Committee, 13 April 2015, 12:00PM NZST (Click on link for local time.)


In progress

Status: Draft