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  • accommodate the needs and desires of the course development workgroup
  • maintain scalable, secure, cost-effective infrastructure for collaborative course authoring and delivery
  • interoperate with partner institution legacy systems, ideally federating similar systems
  • share open data formats, sources, and services to the greatest extent possible
  • deliver content in a variety of formats, including mobile (maintain separation between content and rendering)
  • implement solutions for customised local branding and theming of shared content resources
  • adapt to the increased importance of audio and video


  • Define what a "community source model" would actually look like on the ground, what people could expect from it incorporating technology priorities and gaps we need to fill.

Project team

  • Brian Lamb (Convener)
  • Sarah Lambert
  • Wayne Mackintosh
  • Timothy McCallum - Course development, responsive design, web analytics, open educational resources and open access research output
  • Tim Klapdor - UI/UX Design + Graphics, Online/Offline Publishing
  • Dave Lane (co-Convener) - Open Source community, online collaboration, service prototyping, strategy, software development, workflow, system administration, usability, tech training

Discussion lists

  • Technology list on groups.oeru.org
  • IRC #wikieducator on freenode.net (or connect via Webchat)

Resource links

Community source links

2016 KPIs

(This table is extracted from the 2016 master KPI table)


  • Ref. No.: Refers to the the strategic goal reference of the 2016 operational priorities contained in the strategic plan in the format of Strategic Goal number --> strategic objective number --> output number.
  • Green: Minimum Viable Product KPIs are allocated to OERu working groups. Operationally these KPIs are coordinated and implemented by the MVP task force. However, conveners of working groups are responsible to keep members of their respective working groups appraised of progress.
  • Yellow: Active 2016 KPIs - Working groups are responsible for facilitating achievement of these KPIs.
  • No colour: KPI on hold or low priority.
  • Status square: Meaning of coloured blocks - 0) Not started; 1) Started; 2) Significant progress; 3) Nearing completion; 4) Done



2015 Technology WG Meetings

2016 Technology WG Meetings

2016 OERF Tech team meetings


  1. 2015 Technology annual report
  2. April 2016 Minimum Viable Platform update


Active projects

  1. OERu website improvement project
  2. Single Sign On for OERu Services
  3. Describing the OERu MVP Platform
  4. Mobile first conventions for course outlines and development

Open Source Technologist Role

Proposed Key Performance Indicators