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Note: New 2015 working group


  • Develop a structure for implementation of the guidelines among OERu partners.
  • Promote discussion of the credit transfer and articulation goals among OERu partners.
  • Engage with the guidelines at 80% of partner institutions by end of 2015.
  • Promote adoption of the guidelines by 30% of the OERu partner institutions by mid-2016.


  • Review and finalize a set of credit transfer and course articulation guidelines, building on the draft guidelines developed at the 3rd OERu Anchor Partners meeting.
  • Promote a clear, strong, yet flexible credit transfer and articulation policy that allows OERu partners to use it toward building workable relationships based on common standards and goals.
  • Revisit our approach regularly to ensure that they remain relevant and open.

Project team

  • Marc Singer (Convener), Thomas Edison State College
  • Wayne Mackintosh, OER Foundation
  • Rhiannon Tinsley, University of Highlands and Islands
  • Jim Mullaney, Curtin University
  • Bev Moghrabi, Portage Collage
  • Jo Smedley, University of South Wales
  • Diane Purvey, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Joan Taylor, NorthTec

Discussion list

Resource links

  1. OERu credit transfer and course articulation guidelines

2016 KPIs

(This table is extracted from the 2016 master KPI table)


  • Ref. No.: Refers to the the strategic goal reference of the 2016 operational priorities contained in the strategic plan in the format of Strategic Goal number --> strategic objective number --> output number.
  • Green: Minimum Viable Product KPIs are allocated to OERu working groups. Operationally these KPIs are coordinated and implemented by the MVP task force. However, conveners of working groups are responsible to keep members of their respective working groups appraised of progress.
  • Yellow: Active 2016 KPIs - Working groups are responsible for facilitating achievement of these KPIs.
  • No colour: KPI on hold or low priority.
  • Status square: Meaning of coloured blocks - 0) Not started; 1) Started; 2) Significant progress; 3) Nearing completion; 4) Done


Tasks tasks

Active tasks

  1. 2015 Standing Committee for Credit Transfer Annual Report

Completed tasks

Record of meetings