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  • Develop a clear degree structure with levels, streams and exit points whilst still providing for student flexibility and choice
  • Clear pointers to universities that can grant the whole Bachelor of General Studies or equivalent degree.
  • Agree solutions for communicating degree pathways, cost of assessment and degree completion for prospective OERu learners.
  • Design and implement a streamlined process for nominating OERu courses which contributes to building the OERu programme of study incorporating a peer review element for feedback.
  • Develop quality instruments for both the design and review OERu courses that include minimum quality standards and essential inclusions for OERu courses


  • Understand what partners are thinking of putting forward
  • Build on the initial thinking of possible degree pathways generated during the 2nd meeting of anchor partners.
  • Foster collaborations between partners in curriculum development
  • Foster reuse of courses and micro-courses in partner universities
  • Map a Bachelor of General Studies with clear streams
  • Consider certificates, diplomas and other exit points in the degree


Course approval and quality working group was amalgamated with the Curriculum and programme of study group to form this Curriculum, programme of study and quality group as per decision of the 15-12 meeting of the OERu Management Committee.

Active members

  • Wayne Mackintosh, Co-convener, OER Foundation
  • David Bull, Co-convener, University of Southern Queensland
  • Sarah Lambert, former convener of the Course Approval and Quality group.
  • Jo Smedley, University of South Wales
  • Adrian Stagg, University of Southern Queensland
  • Andy Brown, University of the Highlands and Islands
  • Carina Bossu, University of Tasmania
  • Euan Black, University of Highlands and Islands
  • Patrina Law, Open University
  • Rhiannon Tinsley, University of the Highlands and Islands
  • Vasi Doncheva, NorthTec
  • Odette Murdoch, Otago Polytechnic
  • Rajiv Jhangiani, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Discussion list


2016 KPIs

(This table is extracted from the 2016 master KPI table)


  • Ref. No.: Refers to the the strategic goal reference of the 2016 operational priorities contained in the strategic plan in the format of Strategic Goal number --> strategic objective number --> output number.
  • Green: Minimum Viable Product KPIs are allocated to OERu working groups. Operationally these KPIs are coordinated and implemented by the MVP task force. However, conveners of working groups are responsible to keep members of their respective working groups appraised of progress.
  • Yellow: Active 2016 KPIs - Working groups are responsible for facilitating achievement of these KPIs.
  • No colour: KPI on hold or low priority.
  • Status square: Meaning of coloured blocks - 0) Not started; 1) Started; 2) Significant progress; 3) Nearing completion; 4) Done



Active tasks

  1. Develop OERu programme specification for 1st year of study
  2. Programme design parameters for 1st year exit award candidates

Completed tasks

  1. 2015 Curriculum and Programme of Study Group Annual Report

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