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The OERu Marketing, communications and partner engagement working group focuses on OERu community building, communications and support for new OERu partners, learners and staff joining the OERu family.


(Comment.gif: Current objectives need updating at the next meeting to incorporate the expansion of the partner engagement to include marketing and communications as per OERuMC decision at the April 2016 meeting.)

Group communications

  • Group email list on groups.oeru.org
  • Chat forum on chat.oeru.org (Monitored mainly by OERF staff during daylight hours in New Zealand)


OERu community

Project team

  • Irwin DeVries, TRU Co-convenor CA
  • David Porter, BCIT Co-onvenor CA
  • Gail Morong, TRU CA
  • Kelly Warnock, TRU CA
  • Wayne Mackintosh, OER Foundation NZ
  • Farhad Dastur, KPU, CA
  • Sarah Lambert, UOW, AU
  • Nadia Abougoush, Portage College CA
  • Lenora Lemay, Portage College CA
  • David Gibson, Curtin AU
  • Catherine Clark, Curtin AU
  • Vanessa Chang, Curtin AU
  • Veronique Olin, Otago Polytechnic NZ
  • Linda Ward, CSU, AU
  • Todd Mundle, KPU, CA

Marketing and communications consultants

  • Jason Finnerty, Brandscaping
  • Helen Baxter, Mohawk media
  • Dan Mills, Mohawk media.

Record of meetings

  1. 15.08 Meeting of the Partner Engagement working group (27 August 2015, 4-5pm Pacfic).

Video meetings

  1. 16.05 Video production meeting (11 May 2016, 13:00, NZST)

2016 KPIs

(This table is extracted from the 2016 master KPI table) Key

  • Ref. No.: Refers to the the strategic goal reference of the 2016 operational priorities contained in the strategic plan in the format of Strategic Goal number --> strategic objective number --> output number.
  • Green: Minimum Viable Product KPIs are allocated to OERu working groups. Operationally these KPIs are coordinated and implemented by the MVP task force. However, conveners of working groups are responsible to keep members of their respective working groups appraised of progress.
  • Yellow: Active 2016 KPIs - Working groups are responsible for facilitating achievement of these KPIs.
  • No colour: KPI on hold or low priority.
  • Status square: Meaning of coloured blocks - 0) Not started; 1) Started; 2) Significant progress; 3) Nearing completion; 4) Done



Active tasks

  1. Getting started with OERu - Induction course development (to be delivered to individual institutional member groups)
  2. Determine target audiences for OERu orientation framework

Marketing, communications and fund development project

  1. Marketing project brief
  2. Creative brief (Brandscaping.ca)
  3. Marketing project plan (Brandscaping.ca)

Group history

  1. This group was first established as the Partners Manual group flowing from the 2013 OERu partners meeting in Kamloops.
  2. The group was expanded in 2015 as recommended by 3rd Meeting of Partners Incorporating OERu partner's course development manual activities but expanding focus to help promote partner engagement.
  3. As of April 2016, the OERuMC recommended the inclusion of the marketing and communications group as part of the process to rationalise and consolidate activities during the OERu MVP year.