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Mailing lists

Discussion and Planning

List Purpose Archives Post
OERu Discussion and planning list for OERu partners. archives email
OERu Open discussion on Google Groups by anyone interested in the OERu initiative. archives email web
WikiEducator-tech Announcements and discussion about WikiEducator and other OER Foundation technology. archives email web
WikiEducator Main WikiEducator community list. archives email web

Working Groups

Each of the working groups has its own mailing list for planning and achieving their goals hosted at http://Groups.OERu.org.

Forum/List and Archives
Course Approval and Quality Working Group
Curriculum and Programme of Study Working Group
Marketing and Communications
OERu Management Committee
Partner Engagement Working Group
Standing Committee for Credit Transfer
Strategic Planning Working Group
Technology Working Group

N.B. Posting to a mailing list requires being a member (subscriber) of the list.


Forum Purpose
OERu Planning Group Planning the implementation of the OERu
OERu Public discussion forum (and target of links from the official website)


Connect directly using Web chat or download IRC software and point to the irc.freenode.net server. You will find us on the "#wikieducator" channel.

Possible clients for local use: For many years the major graphical client for Windows has been mirc (http://mirc.com). xchat (http://xchat.org/) is available for Windows and Linux users.

Future Plans

Want to organize a workgroup? Find a critical mass of people on the mailing lists or forums. Once established, you can create your own mailing list or forum to advance your efforts.


Handle Description
@OERuniversitas Official Twitter account of the OERu initiative
@Mackiwg Wayne Mackintosh, Director of the OER Foundation (frequently tweets about #OERu and #WikiEducator)


Tag Description
#oeru Aggregate feed of #OERu from Twitter, g+, WikiEducator, blogs, working group mailing lists