The Four Principles

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The Four Principles

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Student Ownership and Agency

How excited are you about this project?

The project focuses and builds on you and your group's interests, strengths and passions. The project matters to you, you care about what you are doing.

Substantial Learning Beyond the Classroom

How will your new skills change the world?

Your project supports substantial learning that deepens the understanding, skills and dispositions of the group and yourself. The learning offers challenge to all group members over a sustained period of time. It will also be useful to you in the future - in other impact projects and your learning outside school.

A Quality Product

How will you make your product excellent quality?

Meets the picture of quality you are developing in your success criteria. A quality product will be useful because it has been improved with feedback from experts and stakeholders.

Participating and Contributing with the Community

Who wants it and how does it suit their needs?

The project enables you to participate and contribute to a community in a meaningful way. The 'community' is anything larger than yourself for example identifying a stakeholder who the project group will work with/for developing their project in some way. They may benefit from the product itself or from collaborating with you on your project or both!

There is a student and mentor task here to introduce you to the power the four principles have to make your project amazing.