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What does Gateway provide?

The Gateway programme strengthens pathways for students from school to further education and training or employment. Senior secondary students (Year 11 to Year 13+) in the Gateway programme undertake structured workplace learning across a range of industries and businesses around New Zealand, while continuing to study at school (Tertiary Education Commission 2014).

At Albany Senior High School we want our students to take their learning to the world and encourage all students to complete a Gateway placement during their time at ASHS. As an Impact Project this allows a entire day to explore and experience the 'real' world workforce and complete standards that will help in future life AND in Specialist Subjects.

Gateway at ASHS is a graduated programme, meaning students can complete up to three placements targeted at their current year level. Standards are assessed both in the workplace and at school. These standards are set at their current NCEA Level and contribute to gaining an NCEA Certificate at Level 1, 2, and 3.

Standards completed on Gateway

Students who are new to the Gateway programme are all required to start by completing courses in Customer Service and Health and Safety. They also are required to attend an initial theory day where the standards completed in the workplace are explained. This programme is completed in school (however one standard is assessed in the workplace)

Pre Gateway Standards (School Assessed):
497 Health and Safety in the workplace 3 credits Level 1

17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplace 4 credits Level 2

56 Attend to customer enquires face to face and on the phone 2 credits Level 1

57 Provide customer service in given situations 2 credits Level 2

Workplace Assessed:
62 Maintain personal presentation in the work place 3 credits Level 2

Students will then complete a range of standards in a Gateway Workbook that are targeted towards their year level. These standards include:

Year 11 Workbook:

1293 Be interviewed in an informal one-to-one, face-to-face interview.  2 credits Level 1

3501 Demonstrate knowledge of and apply listening techniques.  3 credits Level 1

4249 Demonstrate care and timeliness as an employee.  3 credits Level 1

10780 Complete a work experience placement.  2 credits Level 1

Year 12 Workbook:

1294 Be interviewed in a formal situation. 2 credits Level 2

2989 Select, assess, and read texts for knowledge. 3 credits Level 2

3492 Write a short report. 3 credits Level 2

Students must also choose one of the following:

9677 Participate in a team or group that has an objective. 3 credits Level 2

10791 Participate in an informal meeting. 3 credits Level 2

Year 13 Workbook:

Students must complete a minimum of two standards from the following:

1296 Interview in an informal one to one situation. 3 credits Level 3

2990 Read texts to research information. 4 credits Level 3

11097 Listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation. 3 credits Level 3

This is a compulsory standard for Level Three:
3491 Write a formal report. 4 credits Level 3

Application Process

Students must initially apply for a position in Gateway. They are interviewed to determine interests, career ideas, and placement details. Students are then informed on the outcome of their application and will begin Gateway by either completing pre Gateway programme or by starting with the theory day.

Gateway is run over the two Impact Project semesters and students are permitted to complete Gateway in one of these semesters per year.