ASHS Impact Project Assessment for Learning

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How will I know how to make my project better?

The four principles of impact projects help you to make your project as high quality as possible. Your mentor will have regular discussion and planning sessions with you and your group about how these look in your project. They will also help you use them to develop useful next steps so get the most learning possible (learning well beyond the classroom).

One tool that your mentor will use to help with this reflection and planning is a rubric built around the four principles of impact projects. It will aid you and your mentor to develop useful next steps for your project that will help make your product high quality, maximise learning, help you become further invested in your project.

The rubric is divided into the four main principles along the top and includes statements which will help you understand at which stage your project is tracking. This thinking will enable you to use what you learn in your project in an infinite number of ways in different contexts after you've finished your project and even after you've finished school. This is what enables you to take your learning to the world.

What does the rubric look like?


The full rubric is here.

How is my final IP grade established?

Depending on what your project is on, you can expect to be at different places in different principles. For instance, you may be carrying out a project with a product that sits at bronze (multi-structural) while your achievement in the learning beyond the classroom principle is at gold level (extended abstract). Depending on your prior learning, you may also carry out a project that is at a higher level in one principle, while your next project ends up at a lower level in the same area.

Whatever happens in the course of your project, the collaboration you participate in with your mentor will help you to understand clearly where you are at and what you need to do to get to the next level. During the evaluation phase of your impact project, you and your mentor will reflect on the discussions you have had to date and decide on where your project sits in each of the four principles. In effect this will be a summary of the work you've done with your mentor, stakeholders and other group members over the course of the project.