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What is a mentor?

Your mentor is a teacher at Albany Senior High who will actively support you in the learning from your impact project. Through discussion, reflection and planning they will assist you to develop and achieve a picture of what a quality product looks like and identify the learning that you need and where to get it. They will also help with the challenging task of collaborating with other group members and the community to make your project particularly amazing and help you identify how your learning might help in the future.

How do they help?

Typically your mentor will meet with you at the beginning of the day to help you with your planning and find out which areas and at which times they can best help you. They will make meeting times to catch up with you and help evaluate your deliverables and your overall progress by looking at success criteria and undertaking task setting. They also act as a troubleshooter when you discovering problems and challenges and can help you identify a way forward and possible sources of expertise and learning that might help.

Your mentor will use the four principles rubric and the collaboration rubric to help you:

  1. Evaluate where you are presently with your learning
  2. Identify some useful next steps to take your learning and project forward.

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You are having disagreements with your group members in establishing what quality might look like in your final product. People all have different ideas and no one appears to be willing to compromise. You seek out your mentor who facilitates a discussion on the pros and cons of the various options you are discussing and they help you to find a way forward that takes elements from more than one of the group members' suggestions.

Tools for mentors