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Maximising the Learning and Product

IP tools and processes -support the practices of- IP drivers -which lead to successful projects enabled by the - four principles of IPs.

Successful impact projects have strong links with four underlying principles: substantial learning beyond the classroom, a quality product, student ownership and participation, and contribution with the community. To get these principles happening in a project we practice the project drivers: reflection, planning tasks, collaboration, collecting evidence of learning and developing success criteria. During a project, these drivers interact in different ways and evolve to support your learning. The drivers are in turn enabled by a number of tools and processes that are selected and used depending on the needs of your project and the expertise of you and your group members. Your mentor is a key person to help you get the most out of these enabling structures in impact projects and help you take your learning into the future.

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There is a student and mentor task [here] to introduce you to the power the four principles have to make your project amazing.

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