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The Karnataka Education Act 1995

This section intends to help you know about the Karnataka Education Act

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What do you expect from a school?

Fill this sheet,share the expectations with your friends.

Find that your expectations are also the expxctations of the state.

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Every rule or the act basically we derive from constitutions which once again exist on the theary of natural justice.

The state needs broad governing principals to work within the ambit of a prescribed political structure, in our system it is the constitution of India..But as the constituion provide broad aims and the out lay in terms of articals, we need perticulur guidelines for every article for the implimentation. Thus every state prepares the state specific acts and rules for the implimentation. Education system is also one of the subject which has state specific structure.

Act is to provide for better organization, development, discipline and control of the educational institutions in the state.

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Portfolio Activity

Answer the following question

Compare what KEA says about the responsibility of parents for ensuring the attendance of their children in school with what RTE 2009 says about the same. Prepare a small write up on the same and send it to your facilitator.

For more information please go to following sites.

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