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Discuss the following points with your colleagues and write your considered views.

  1. Out of school children need to go to the EGS school,or the Tent School or Chinnara Angala. Do you think that when regulars go to formal school, Is it appropriate in the context of Educattion as a Fundamental Right?
  2. Children with poor background can work in the day time and go to the school at night.Is it right for these children ?
  3. Do you suggest any alternative ways of schooling for the out of school children?

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A classroom in Namibia.

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Studies on the Non-Formal Education scheme have pointed out the lack of flexibility which impedes effective implementation of bringing the children to main stream.Thus efforts to provide for a diversity of interventions have been made in such as setting up of Education Guarantee Schools, Alternative Schooling facilities, Balika Shikshan Shivir, 'Back to School' camps,Education Guarantee Scheme and Alternative and Innovative Education etc.