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What is the relevance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education? There are two issues we need to understand. The first one is the very meaning of ICT. Why is the expression ICT used instead of computers? The second one is how we can incorporate ICT for enhancing learning.

The very expression Information and Communication Technology has lots of ideas in it. It is not just using gadgets. The focus is on what is being transacted through this medium. We have information technology and communication technology. Managing of large quantities of information and communicating the same to the concerned people is the need of the hour. Hence the name ICT. It is a very comprehensive expression. It is not limited to the computers or the internet. It ranges from the use of FM radio to the use of satellite for communication. It includes both the form and essence of communication. ICT has the potential to make learning more experiential. Moreover the large amount of data, visuals available on any topic can be brought to the classroom from all over the world. That is why ICT has been considered an emerging area with lots of potential for making educational process more meaningful.

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The developments in the use of the electronic media have influenced all walks of life. Education is no exception to this. The use of computers and the internet for enhancing the quality of education by making learning more relevant to life has been seen as an ideal by educational institutions. The citizens of tomorrow who are our students now are going to live in the age of the electronic media. How are we preparing them for the same? Are we giving them technology based Education? Are we giving them exposure to the use of computers and the itnernet? Have we integrated the ICT into classroom processes? What are the efforts made by the department in this direction? What does policy say about ICT in Education? There are several such questions which we need to probe into. An understanding of these issues will enable us to use the ICT more meaningfully in Education.

In this section you will read a detailed discussion of the issues raised above. It is assumed that a good theoretical orientation towards ICT in Edcuation will help you design your own stratagies for implementing it. ICT in Education can be seen from two angles.

  1. It refers to the use of ICT for enhancing learning.
  2. Providing an exposure to the use of ICT in general which will basically include the use of computers.

Brief introduction to some ICT programmes implemented in Karnataka

  1. Computer Education and Computer Based Education in Schools.[1](Select 'Education Technology Cell' in Contents Tab of the given link)
  2. Intel Teach Programme.[2](Select COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMMES WITH NGO in Contents Tab of the given link)
  3. AIF-DE Programe.[3](Select 'American India Foundation' in COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMMES WITH NGO in Contents Tab of the given link)
  4. ICT in Classroom -T4(TTTT)Programme.[4]
  5. Subject Teacher Forums[5]

Further Readings on ICT in Education

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Wiki Books [7]

ICT in Education by Victoria L. Tinio [8]

UNESCO on ICTs In Education [9]

The World Bank on ICT and Education [10]

Send the Completed Activity Sheet to:

your online facilitator and mark a copy to kumaraswamy64@gmail.com


{{Activity| Activity

  1. Enter the website http://dsert.kar.nic.in and find out which Programme tells us about ICT.
  2. Visit http://www.aif.org/and http://www.intel.com/education/teach/ prepare short notes on programme highlights.
  3. Visit http://www.itforchange.net/ and familiarise yourself with their activities.
  4. Use the references given in other modules. Save the relevant pages in your folder.
  5. Consolidate all your references and prepare your own write up on ICT in Education and send the same to the online facilitators.
  6. Consolidate Data regarding Mahithi Sindhu/RCP/EFC/ICT Phase-1 and Phase-2 Schools in your District.
  7. Visit Mahiti Sindhu schools and discuss the progress of Computer Education and Computer Based Education.