Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate

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Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate
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Module 1 :
Concepts of Information Technology

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Networks
  4. ICT in Everyday Life
  5. Security
  6. Law

Module 2 :
Using the Computer and Managing Files

Sections :
  1. Operating System
  2. File Management
  3. Utilities
  4. Print Management

Module 3 :
Word Processing using OpenOffice 3.0 Writer

Sections :
  1. Using the application
  2. Document Creation
  3. Formatting
  4. Objects
  5. Mail Merge
  6. Prepare Outputs

Module 4 :
Spreadhseets using OpenOffice 3.0

Sections :
  1. Getting to know the application
  2. Working with and in cells
  3. Managing Worksheets
  4. Working with Formulas and Functions
  5. Formatting cells
  6. Creating charts and graphs
  7. Preparing the spreadsheet for distribution

Module 5 :
Database Management using OpenOffice 2.0 Base

Module 6 :

Module 7 :
Information and Communication using Firefox and Novell Evolution

Information and Communication using Firefox and Novell Evolution

(Comment.gif: Take a Look at the Free Textbook page in Wikieducator for example of RSS feed option as a possibility for a glossary)

Module Overview

Welcome to Module 7 Information and Communication using Firefox and Novell Evolution. This module has two sections the first is designed to give you an understanding of some of the concepts and terms associated with using the Internet and basic Web navigation. The second section will cover communications. Internet communications can take many forms: e-mail, blogs, wikis, message boards, newswires, and podcasts to name a few. (Comment.gif: Need to mention the the versions of Firefox and Novell EvolutionUkanjilal 22:31, 28 June 2007 (CEST))

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  • understand the concepts and terms associated with using the Internet
  • appreciate some of the security considerations
  • learn how to search and navigate the Web using Firefox Browser.
  • gain the ability to bookmark Web Sites and print Web pages.
  • be able to navigate and complete web-based forms.
  • understand the concepts of electronic mail (e-mail) and appreciate some of the security concerns involved.
  • learn to send and receive messages, and to attach files to e-mail messages
  • learn to organize and manage messages into mailboxes within the e-mail software Evolution
  • Note: if it's OK to Add more info on communication and collaboration over the web, as seen in my statement above. I'll add those objectives here

Study Tips

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  • We recommend you study Module 1 Concepts of Information Technology before starting Module 7. Module 1 will help you become familiar with the different technology concepts. In particular, you will need to know the sections on Information Networks, IT Use in Everyday Life and Security

  • We recommend that you spend at least one hour on each chapter
  • You should have access to the Internet with Firefox and Novell Evolution installed on your system when attempting the activities in this module

Module Sections

Chapter 1 -The Internet

Chapter 2 -Web Navigation

Chapter 3 -Web Searching

Chapter 4 -Electronic Mail

Chapter 5 -Sending and Receiving Messages

Chapter 6 -Mail Management

Chapter 7 -Web-based Communication Technologies (maybe)

Chapter 8 - Web-based Collaboration Techniques (maybe)

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Module References

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Module #7: Information & Communication