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Tutorial.png Module 4 : Spreadhseets using OpenOffice 3.0

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Word Processing using OpenOffice 3.0 Writer

Getting to know the application | Working with and in cells | Managing Worksheets | Working with Formulas and Functions | Formatting cells | Creating charts and graphs | Preparing the spreadsheet for distribution

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Database Management using OpenOffice 2.0 Base

Tutorial.png Presentation Basics 

Opening and closing CALC | Locating the components of the CALC Screen | Creating, opening and closing spreadsheets | Saving spreadsheets | Handling worksheets | Show Me Xine.png | Summary & FAQs

Section 4.1: Getting to know the application

Section Overview

CALC is the application we will be using to develop and work with spreadsheets. CALC is one of the applications of the OpenOffice suite.It is similar to Microsoft Excel and you can save your CALC spreadsheets in Excel for sending to Microsoft users. In this section we will become familiar with the basic features of the application and learn how to perform the basic operations that we will rely on later to work with CALC

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will:
  • Open and close CALC
  • Identify the core components of the CALC screen
  • Open one and several spreadsheets; close a spreadsheet
  • Create a new spreadsheet
  • Save spreadsheets in different locations and under different conditions
  • Switch between worksheets in a single spreadsheet
  • Use help functions in CALC
  • Use tools to adjust settings

The following sub-sections are covered in this tutorial: