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Tutorial.png Module 4 : Spreadhseets using OpenOffice 3.0

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Word Processing using OpenOffice 3.0 Writer

Getting to know the application | Working with and in cells | Managing Worksheets | Working with Formulas and Functions | Formatting cells | Creating charts and graphs | Preparing the spreadsheet for distribution

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Database Management using OpenOffice 2.0 Base

Section 4.5: Formatting cells

Section Overview

Recall that cell data are of three types - numeric, text and date. These data must satisfy two requirements - first they must be an accurate representation of the information being communicated and secondly, their presentation must allow for easy reading. Formatting is the broad term used to describe the methods used to specify how the data are to be presented. In some instances, it is the user who must make that decision. In most other cases though, there is a default format that Calc will use whenever users enter the relevant data. However, users also have the option to change that. This section introduces various methods that you as the user may apply to format the contents of cells and cell ranges as well as the cells themselves.

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will:
  • Format various types of numeric data.
  • Select and use appropriate date styles.
  • Make changes to fonts and use appropriate techniques to highlight elements of cell contents.
  • Use various methods to alter the overall appearance of cells and cell ranges.

The following subsections are covered in this tutorial: