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Tutorial.png Module 4 : Spreadhseets using OpenOffice 3.0

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Word Processing using OpenOffice 3.0 Writer

Getting to know the application | Working with and in cells | Managing Worksheets | Working with Formulas and Functions | Formatting cells | Creating charts and graphs | Preparing the spreadsheet for distribution

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Database Management using OpenOffice 2.0 Base

Section 4.6: Creating charts and graphs

Section Overview

As we have already established, the primary function of spreadsheets like Calc, is to provide us with a tool for automating numeric data. The other two data types - text and date - serve in a supporting capacity to the main function, which is to perform calculations on the numeric data and present the results of those calculations. In Section 3, our focus was on using formulas and functions to do the calculations. Using some of those functions, we were able to present the results in summary form. In this Section, our focus is on the presentation of data, but not in the numeric format that we have used up to this point. We will be using charts and graphs. In that context, it is useful for us to make a shift in terms of the terminology we use. So, what we formerly referred to as numeric data, we will now call mathematical data or mathematical information. The reason for this change is that we want to make a distinction between the format of the data and the type of data. We formerly used the term numeric for both. From here on, we will use the term mathematical to describe the type of data. In that regard, in this Section we will be using charts and graphs to present mathematical information.

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will:
  • Describe how charts and graphs are used to represent mathematical information.
  • Select a chart type and create a chart to diplay selected data.
  • Make further changes to an existing chart to enhance the overall presentation.
  • Adjust charts and graphs within a worksheet and between open spreadsheets.

The following subsections are covered in this tutorial