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Tutorial.png Module 2 : Using the Computer and Managing Files

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Concepts of Information Technology

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Using the Computer and Managing Files

Module Overview

Welcome to Module 2 Using the Computer and Managing Files.

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In this module you will be introduced to Ubuntu Linux Operating System version 8.04 LTS with Gnome desktop environment.

Upon completion of this module students will be able to

  • Use the main features of the operating system including adjusting the main computer settings and using built-in help features.
  • Operate effectively around the computer desktop and work effectively in a graphical user environment.
  • Know about the main concepts of file management and be able to efficiently organize files and folders so that they are easy to identify and find.
  • Use utility software to compress and extract large files and use anti-virus software to protect against computer viruses.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use simple text editing and print tolls available within the operating system.

Module Sections

Module Topics - will be deleted when information transferred please ignore

Computer Environment
Managing Files
Print Management

Module References

  • Based on the previous version of the guide, based on Ubuntu Linux Version 7.04

About this Module

Module 2: Using the Computer and Managing Files

  • Attribution: OpenICDL with link to the project.
  • Authors: Indira Gandhi National Open University/Prof. Uma Kanjilal and Dr. Pankaj Khare
  • Software: Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS with Gnome Desktop
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license