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Contact-new.svg Günther Osswald
Employer:Staatliches Landschulheim Marquartstein
Occupation:Teacher for Mathematics and Physics at secondary and college level
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Welcome to my User page in WikiEducator.

My name is Günther Osswald, a school teacher for mathematics and physics in Germany.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for your concerns. Right here. (My Email I've taken out because I've got too much Spam.)

My Roles in WikiEducator

Elected member of the WE Community Council

WE ambassador

Contact person for the biggest German educational Wiki ZUM Wiki

WE contributor

My Wiki Projects

Learning together.
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I did a short presentation of WikiEducator at the Online Educa Berlin conference on eLearning, Dec. 3-5, 2008. The slides I used you can access here.

Center for innovative physics teaching in Uganda

SUPRA: About 1000 pages of high quality educational materials for the teaching of physics in elementary schools, for my request generously donated under CC-BY license by the department of physics of LM-University of Munich/Germany. I'm about to organize translation into English and integration into WikiEducator.

Mechanics11: A Wiki project at my school. On-line Script for my courses in Physics/Mechanics, college level (in German)

Astro13: Platform for my grade 13 course in Astronomy/Astrophysics

Platform for Physics Teachers in Africa

2ph2: Platform for my grade 12 course in Electo-magnetism

LoCoEx: Database for Low-Cost-Experiments in School Physics

My Articles in WE

My vision, of how WikiEducator can support open and distance learning ODL in secondary education (formal and non-formal) in the developing world.

My thoughts of how to make good use of a wiki to support the educational community, includes an article for teachers to enhance their motivation for participation in WikiEducator

My proposal for non-violent communication in WikiEducator

My Motivation

Since I was 15 years old, I have found this world we live in to be quite unjust. After my university studies, I spent 9 months teaching in the Philippines, experiencing the lack of good educators. Later I went to India, Peru and Senegal, and was deeply moved by seeing so many young intelligent people without proper possibilities of education. Recently, I have started reading research literature about open and distance learning (ODL), excited by the incredible new possibilities offered by the internet.

I feel I have collected so much experiences through my work in the classroom, and I want to share them with the world!

But still more important for me is networking, building a community, as only a lively community of educators can achieve progress in the improvement of world education.

My main intention currently is to build up a platform for Physics teachers at secondary level in Uganda.

My Biography

  • 1980: School leaving examination
  • 1981-1986: Studies of Mathematics and Physics at TU and LMU München
  • 1986: State examination
  • 1987: Overseas experience teaching in Philippine schools
  • 1988-1990: Traineeship as teacher
  • 1990-2008: Work as secondary school and college teacher at different schools in München
  • 2004: marriage, we have now 3 children
  • Joined WE in Feb. 2007
  • September 2008: Elected as member or the WE Community Council

My Wiki Partners




and many others:

My Favorite Links

WE statistics says, I'm by Okt. 2008 on rank 27 of all recently active WikiEducators, excl. bots, ordered by number of contributions

WE Usage Statistics shows, that Germany is No. 1 among the countries that visit WikiEducator!

My user page in the German ZUM-Wiki

WE discussion forum (Google Groups)

My Sandbox

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