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What is an ambassador for WikiEducator?

Ambassador Bridge, photo courtesy of mcclouds
A WikiEducator Ambassador is a person who believes in the value of WikiEducator, and promotes WikiEducator as a platform for free educational resources, collaborative development and global network-building - connected to their own institution, community, peers, or even within their own country.

Ambassadors for WikiEducator assist in the realisation of our strategy by promoting activities which:

  • help build the WikiEducator community,
  • develop skills and build capacity for all WikiEducators,
  • promote and advocate free educational content, and
  • identify and implement innovation in WikiEducator.

Ambassadors are people who have a passion to widen access to quality education through open networks and free content. They identify themselves in the WikiEducator community and keep us informed of their ambassadorial activities.

Become a WikiEducator Ambassador!

What do ambassadors for WikiEducator do?

List your ideas for things that ambassadors can do:

  • Read the WikiEducator Wishlist - and ask how you can help;
  • List your name and contact details below;
  • Post the WikiAmbassador logo on your User Page
  • Become a WikiNeighbour
  • Introduce people to WikiEducator by showing them how to create an account and get started on free content development;

Levels of ambassadorship

Like most things in life, we all get better with experience, so you don't need to be a guru with wiki technology to become a WikiAmbassador. With due acknowledgement to the FLOSS4Edu Pacific Regional Workshop, WikiEducator recognises the following levels of ambassadorship:

  • Level 1: Explaining to colleagues and friends what WikiEducator is and sharing things you've learned about the project;
  • Level 2: Being able to demonstrate the WikiEducator website to colleagues and friends, in your office, meeting or group presentation;
  • Level 3: Being able to talk about WikiEducator, demonstrate the wiki and then teach someone else how to use WikiEducator and contribute to the project.

Spread the Word

  • Spread the word about WikiEducator at your own institution or community;
  • Promote WikiEducator in the blogsphere, news groups and electronic lists;* Speak formally about WikiEducator at conferences, round tables and other meetings (be sure to let us know - so we can post info to our Main Page - "In the News" section)
    • Invite others to experience the power and utility of WikiEducator
  • Speak informally about WikiEducator to your colleagues, peers, educators and interested parties;
  • Organise workshops and training sessions on how to author free content on WikiEducator;
  • Record events where WikiEducator is promoted;

  • Design new projects which ensure scaleable and sustainable growth of the community
  • Identify research opportunities on, and about WikiEducator


  • Connect with other WikiAmbassadors
    • Develop WikiAmbassador Clusters whereby you can discuss opportunities and projects, invite other people, meet virtually or F2F - to accelerate a project and/or take it to the next level

What resources are available for WikiEducator ambassadors?

List of ambassadors for WikiEducator

Note: This initiative was inspired by Ambassadors for eXeLearning