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Website:Randy Fisher, MA, Organization Management & Development
Employer:DigiWise Solutions, Somerset, NJ USA
Occupation:Professor, Rutgers University
Other roles:Elected Member of WikiEd's Community Council
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About WikiRandy (aka Randy Fisher), MA, OMD

I am President of iCentro in Ottawa, Canada (a success network for entrepreneurs and business professionals). iCentro has provided extensive contributions to the open education community - see the iCentro space on WikiEducator.

I provide consulting support to International Centre for Open Education / Open Education Resources Foundation, in New Zealand.

I have 15+ years of experience in stakeholder engagement, project management, coordination and implementation and coaching. I also have expertise in OD / Change Management, E-Learning & HR/Performance Improvement, Marketing and Communications. In particular, I am an expert in Building Sustainable Projects, Communities and Networks with Web 2.0 social networking, MediaWiki and collaboration tools (blogs, wikis, Skype, discussion groups, etc.).

I have an MA in Organization Management and Development, Fielding Graduate University, California. My thesis: Primal Needs Gone Digital: Educators' Motivations in an Open Wiki Environment, 2009.

I am an elected member of the Community Council, the governing body of the largest formal education wiki in the world (18,000+ users in 120 countries). I am also an advisor to Amarok Society, which educates poor mothers and children in Bangladesh.

For more info, please see:

My Work & Consulting History

Project Links

Testing Page

Writing for Business and Professions

Course Syllabus Fall 2017

Instructor: Shawn Randy Fisher
Course: 355:303:13 Day/Time: Wednesdays, 10:20-1:20 pm
Location: Livingston Campus, Beck Hall (BE-119)
Office Hours: Wednesdays, After Class; OR by Appointment
(Comment.gif: Email me your phone number and best time / days to speak. (Make sure your computer is logged in and available for use.)
Writing Program:

Wiki Instructions

for November 17-30 course

Hi Everyone,

Here's a revised note, with the registration link (as per Jacky's feedback). This note can be easily shared with others.

Attached, please find the poster for the upcoming free Open Education Resources (OER) and wiki skills training workshop - 10 days from November 17-30. It's a collaboration between / OER Foundation and the Community College Consortium for Open Education Resources (CCCOER). WikiEducator's community comprises 16,000 educators in 120 countries; and CCCOER has 200+ community colleges primarily in the US and Canada.

You will learn valuable skills for developing OER content; and building new connections in the OER world and with others in community colleges and beyond.

Here is a direct link to registration -

Please feel free to share this with your networks and communities.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly

Thanks much.

- Randy

  1. Revised L4C Workshops
  2. L4C-Advance Pilot Workshop
  3. Advanced_Users
  4. L4C-Community Media, Nov. 3-7, 2008
  5. eL4C12
  6. People_I_Have_Trained
  7. Jewish Education (open)

Organization Development

  1. HR-Employee Handbook
    1. Job Descriptions
  1. Participatory Learning - MacArthur Foundation
  2. Digital Media (News) - Knight Foundation
  3. Free Content for Sustainable Ecosystems
    1. Mothers of Intention
  4. Social_Entrepreneurship

Here are a few opportunities I see for those interested in working together to improve web accessibility in the OCW/OER community:

1. Share/promote accessibility in OCW tools, including automatic systems to create accessible content formats

  • Automatic video text
  • Automatic voice content generation like DAISY (
  • Web accessibility evaluation tools, such as WAVE (
  • What other resources are out there?

2. Create/share/maintain OER Accessibility Guidelines

  • For Subject-matter experts (professors/instructors creating instructional content)
  • For OER support staff (technologists converting/uploading OER content)
  • Again, is there something already out there we can build on?

3. Create a model OCW course all about accessibility

  • Describe best practices and model specific examples of accessible OER content

To Do


  1. Setting up WikiEducator is Quick & Easy
  2. Community Building Project
  3. Community_building_project/Communications
  4. Request for Donations - Sample Letter of Request
  5. Benefits of Contributing / Donating Learning Materials - linked to Main Donations page

FCM Meeting



  • Heywire8 Think Tank on OERs, New Zealand August 2008

Our very own WikiRandy at the 2009 Open Ed conference: "Open education is a sustainable and renewable resource" (15:52).--Benjamin Stewart 22:42, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

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Other Links

Focus Areas


WikiEducators from Papua New Guinea

Opinion Leaders


When someone uses some work that I've created, I'd like to be notified about it on my User Talk/Discussion Page. I would also like that you attribute it to Randy Fisher, in a place of prominence equivalent to how prominent it features in your work! Thanks... Note from Wayne

I would suggest using the licence statement on the home page, with a note that all sub pages are licensed accordingly. Then a discrete footer template on each page. The Creative Commons site will have have wording and display options.

One of our technical and policy tasks is to sort out license policy and technical adaptations to make this easier to manage and attribute the license.

Alternate foto of moi (in a Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver, Canada

Great photo of Wayne @ PCF5:

My sandbox

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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg


Learning MediaWiki Skills

  • Suspend your judgment – about where you think / feel you should be in terms of mastering this stuff.
  • Refresh your screen when you visit a page – to make sure that you have the latest version
  • Observe and reflect on changes you see in the wiki – (i.e., when I go in and make a change, look at the code ~ i.e., what I’ve done….)
  • Do not ignore the great Resources in this community: tutorials and people.


Simple Table Syntax

WE is running a simple table extension (formerly called tabbeddata) that makes it "simpler" to add data to a table.

To make a table that uses commas for separating columns and <return> for the rows, try:

Hi Hello Yes
Bye Good Night No

Please find information on the syntax and examples


Copyright on WikiEducator



Remix Experiments

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Thanks to the open community's collective efforts, "open" continues to move into the mainstream:

US Department of State Unveils Open Book Project:

       Earlier today, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unveiled the Open Book Project (remarks, fact sheet, press notice), an initiative to expand access to free, high-quality educational materials in Arabic, with a particular focus on science and technology. These resources will be released under open licenses that allow their free use, sharing, and adaptation to local context.

Blackboard’s xpLor: Cross-platform learning repository adds Creative Commons license options:

       Earlier this year, Blackboard announced xpLor — a new cloud-based learning object repository that will work across the various learning management systems (LMS) in use at educational institutions: e.g., Blackboard, Moodle, ANGEL, and Sakai. xpLor has added Creative Commons license options, which means that instructors and institutions can create, share, and even build on each other’s CC-licensed content all through the same interface.