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Contact-new.svg Dr. Nellie Deutsch
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Website:Moodle for Teachers
Blog:Tesching as a Way to Learn
Employer:Faculty at Atlantic University,
Occupation:Education Leadership Consultant
Other roles:Organizes MOOCs (Moodle and Second Life) and free online conferences (MMVC11-MMVC16, CO09-CO16) and EFLtalks), Mindfulness, the Alexander Technique and PAIRS Practitioner, Public Speaker, Consultant, Online Facilitator
Country: Canada
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Lifelong Learner
My name is Nellie Deutsch . I hold a Doctor of Education in educational leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction from the University of Phoenix. I passed my oral defense on May 20, 2010 and submitted my doctoral dissertation to the dean's office after completing a 4-year intensive doctoral program in educational leadership, specializing in curriculum and instruction at the University of Phoenix online. I researched blended learning and instructor experiences in implementing technology in blended learning courses in higher education around the world. I interviewed instructors from 7 countries. My dissertation was approved on June 26, 2010 but I received the notification on June 27, 2010. It was so exciting to receive the degree by regular post (snail) on July 26. The graduation ceremony was on September 25, 2010 in Pittsburgh. The dissertation may be downloaded from ProQuest Library and on Amazon.

I started as an admin of a Moodle site in 2003 and have never looked back. I'm a Canadian education technology and e-learning consultant, English teacher to speakers of other languages and online mentor to educators who wish to blend technology into their face-to-face and fully online programs using Moodle, Google Drive, WebQuests, and WizIQ live classes. I review proposals for conferences (EdMedia, AACE, International Leadership Association, TESOL), write and review books and peer-review articles and conduct research. I present and conduct workshops on teaching with technology in blended and fully online programs that include Moodle and WizIQ at face-to-face and online conferences. I volunteer on AACE EdMedia executive and planning committees.

I'm a mindfulness stress-reductions, Reiki, the Silva Method, Tai Chi, Yoga, and the Alexander Technique practitioner. Because I combine technology and e-learning with life skills, it was only natural that I teach at Atlantic University. I am faculty at Atlantic University in the postgraduate interpersonal and leadership MA programs. I have a doctorate in educational leadership, specializing in curriculum and instruction from the University of Phoenix online. I researched instructor use of technology in blended learning courses in higher education worldwide.

I am passionate about learning and sharing and would like to see e-learning free and available to everyone around the world. I provide teachers, managers, and admin of Moodle sites with online training and support. The training is done on Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) and Moodle for Teachers (M4T) networks. Moodle for Teachers (M4T) provides only free courses on how to Moodle. I also organize and host MOOCs, webinars, and online conferences for free at M4T.

Online Learner
  • I studied for my MA (education, curriculum and technology) and doctoral studies (educational leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction) at the University of Phoenix online. One of my goals in pursuing a PhD was to make online learning free and available worldwide for those who cannot afford or do not want to pay the high tuition. WikiEducator is helping make my dream come true.
  • I have participated in the following free online courses:
Curriculum & Instructional Designer
I have developed curriculum and instructional artifacts for English as a foreign and second language and other subjects individually and in teams throughout my MA and doctoral studies.
Experienced English Teacher
  • I am a Canadian (Toronto) residing outside of Canada. I have been teaching English as a foreign language to high school and adult learners for over 30 years. I am interested in collaborating with other teachers worldwide and do this on IT4ALL Global Exchange (GE), Moodle Course & Learning Management System, and Building Relationship.
  • I use technology with my face-to-face classes by blending computer programs and the Internet and the traditional classroom setting.
  • I teach English via computer related topics such as Microsoft and other software applications, computer hardware, and web authoring programs.
  • I teach English by involving my high school students in international collaborative projects and literature-based WebQuests.
Blended Online Learning Specialist
  • In my free time, I help educators become aware of the value of integrating web 2.0 tools for instruction and learning on a Moodle website called Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning (IT4ALL) and on a social network called IT4ALL Global Exchange. I am doing this on a voluntary basis because I am passionate about learning and would like to see e-learning available and free worldwide. I believe collaboration is the key to improving education and ultimately contributing to world peace.
Expert in Social Networking

Learning for Content (L4C) Online Facilitator
I facilitated the following L4C online workshops at WikiEducator:
  1. L4C 15 Wikieducator
  2. L4C 19 Wikieducator
  3. L4C 21 Wikieducator
  4. L4C 24 Wikieducator
  5. EL425
  6. EL426
  7. EL4C29
  8. EL4C30
  9. EL4C31
  10. EL436
  11. EL438
  12. EL4C39
  13. EL4C42

Online Facilitator


Testimonials from around the world

Advocate of Healthy Living

Activities on Wikieducator

Contact Me
  • Please feel free to contact me for further information and/or questions or comments about my fields of interest and other topics.

Professional Development

Live Online Classrooms

My Resume

  • 2009 Doctor of Educational leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction; University of Phoenix
  • 2005 MA in Education, curriculum and technology; University of Phoenix

Websites and Blogs

Personal Site


Teacher Mentoring and Support Service

Mentoring Teachers
Teacher Mentoring and Support Service

Online Courses

Web 2.0 tools
  • Learn how to create your own WebQuests by joining a professional development course on Moodle: Creating WebQuests

Moodle for Teachers (M4T)

=WizIQ Virtual Classroom=

WizIQ is a free online teaching and e-learning web conferencing video and audio format with a whiteboard, content manager to upload and share files and a text chat box interactive engagement during the session. The tool can be added to Moodle and other course management systems (CMS).


Virtual classrooms are definitely better than traditional classrooms for effective instruction and learning and I intend to research this. If you are interested in co-researching, please contact me.


Long distance running

Funding for Innovations
  • Knight News Challenge
    • Knight New Challenge is awarding "$5 million a year for innovative ideas that develop platforms, tools and services to inform and transform community news, conversations, and information distribution and visualization...Knight Foundation plans to invest at least $25 million over five years in the search for bold community news and social media experiments" (John S. and James L. Knight Foundation 2006-2008, ¶ 1,2).
  • Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED). "The TED Prize is designed to leverage the TED community’s exceptional array of talent and resources. It is awarded annually to three exceptional individuals who each receive $100,000 and, much more important, the granting of “One Wish to Change the World.” (TED Conferences, 2008, ¶ 1).

--nelliemuller 10:08, 4 November 2008 (UTC)

Community Service
Professional Development1
  • ETAI Winter Conference (Haifa)

December 27, 2005 Integrating Technology into the ESL Classroom CRSTE Global Symposium free online conference, October 16-24, 2010, IT4ALL for as a community builder for global connections

ILA, Boston, October 27-30, 2010 on Instructor Experiences with implementing Technology in Blended Learning Courses in Higher Education

Literature-based Webquests

Health and Sports-based WebQuest

Social Studies WebQuest

I would be interested in exchanging ideas on how Moodlers use the CMS. I wonder what others think of wikispaces, wetpaint, and

pbwiki as opposed to wikieducator.

My Projects

Online Live Conferences
  • I had a great session today (October 4, 2008) with 45+ participants who were teachers and students of English as a foreign and second language. The topic of the live online session was Learning English Online for Free. The recording is available right here.

Messages from WE Members
  • Leave me a message
  • Hi Nellie,I was actually dying to hear those words of appreciation from you.Thanks for all the suggestions and incorporations.--Yanubha 12:57, 31 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Pru Mitchell
  • Hi Nellie. I have just completed a lesson for year 10 students on Electric circuits. Please take a look if you have a moment. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. Thanks --Robin 10:14, 30 June 2009 (UTC)
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Notes and Feedback from my Wiki Neighbours
Please feel free to add your notes here or go into the "Discussion" page, start a new discussion and add them there. The notes will be moved to the discussion page as time passes, but will remain on my talk page if you add them to my "Discussion" on the top navigation bar. Thank you--Nellie Deutsch 17:45, 29 November 2008 (UTC)

Nellie, I am stating to put the following on all new participants who have user ages alread. Is this OK?--Phil Bartle 01:38, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

  • Madam,I have registered my self foron 24th Dec 09 ('Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning (IT4ALL)'Moodle for Teachers (M4T-3): January 4, 2010 - January 31, 2010,Blended Online Learning (BOL): Asynchronous & Synchronous Workshop on Learning to Moodle,but now there is problem in getting enrollment key and for futher working this is problem with others also.please help us because we want to join this now.User:Rajnish Pandey
  • Madam,I have registered my self foron 24th Dec 09 ('Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning (IT4ALL)'Moodle for Teachers (M4T-3): January 4, 2010 - January 31, 2010,Blended Online Learning (BOL): Asynchronous & Synchronous Workshop on Learning to Moodle,but now there is problem in getting enrollment key and futher working this is problem with others also.please help us because we want to join this now.User:Pooja Tyagi

  • No words to express your amazing efforts User:Pooja Tyagi
  • Thanks for your support User:Rajnish Pandey
  • Very nice to see you have an early start on making your User page. If you have not seen it yet, I recommend that you look at the youtube video clip on Wikis. In WikiEd, as in the video, the most important buttons are edit and save. A third button, Link, is not quite the same on WikiEd. To make a sub page, in edit mode, you simply give it a name. put forward slashes around it, then two square brackets in front and after the result. When you save, the word will be in red. Click on it and it will tell you there is no such page. As soon as you start editing, the sub page is created. Another tip is to borrow from your Wiki neighbours. Browse around other User pages. If there is anything you like, just copy it and paste it in to your user page. Make any modification you need, and there you are.--Phil Bartle 01:38, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

Nellie, You're and inspiration and your involvement in WE is unbelievable. As I have an English teaching/ research background, I'll be glad to assist in any way to promote English language learning through WE. Cheers, --Bernard Lewis

  • Hi Nellie! Nice to know you! I'm also doctoral student in University of Turku. My research is going on very slowly... --Tero Toivanen20:04, 11 February 2010 (UTC)

  • Hi, Nellie, I love your WebQuests, they are very interesting. I can put WebQuests together but have trouble with thinking up imaginative ideas. I guess I am still learning... Kylie.

  • Thanks Nellie, for the certification...didn't realise until today :-)..Jyoti Jyoti

  • Hi Nellie, Me too. Thanks for the certification upgrade. It's a nice recognition. --Alison Snieckus 02:24, 7 October 2011 (UTC)