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A WikiNeighbour is a special WikiEducator Ambassador who works at a personal level with newcomers to our neighbourhood.

What do WikiNeighbours do?

I see someone new has moved in next door!

Image courtesy of MiikaS


  • have pride in, and ownership of their neighbourhood.
  • roam and troll the neighbourhood looking for new neighbours, or something interesting or out of the ordinary.
  • take initiative to introduce themselves to their new neighbours.
  • give new neighbours the time and space to discover themselves in their new community.
  • see their new neighbours as part of their community.
  • orient new and other neighbours to the neighbourhood, and the latest news and events.
  • extend invitations to / visit with each other
  • gather to celebrate key milestones and important events.
  • support each other, and look for common ground with other neighbours, causes and communities - in the same city, region, state / province or other countries.
  • know from experience that moving house and home, leaving old friends behind can be a stressful experience.
  • realize that we are living in a cosmopolitan neighbourhood and respect the rich diversity and culture of our growing community; and...
  • most of all, they enjoy their neighbourhood, and have fun building community together
  • Become a WikiNeighbour today by adding the WikiNeighbour User template to your user page:
This user is a WikiNeighbour
for WikiEducator.

Ideas for being a good neighbour on WikiEducator

  • Watch the new user creation log and send a personal message of welcome to your new neighbours. All you need to do is to click on the "talk" link of a new user and be your friendly self.
Tip: All the red talk links on the new user page are neighbours waiting for a personal message of welcome. Don't forget to sign your personal note using the RTENOTITLE button in the edit window or inserting the signature syntax (--~~~~).
  • 80px-Wikineighbour V2.png
    Use the Hello template. This contains a standard welcome text and a few important links to help new users get going. However, it's very important to add your own personal message to the standard text to avoid the feeling that this is just another automated message. Good neighbours make an effort to get to know their community.
  • Make a note of your new neighbour's user page by clicking on the "watch tab" to add them to your watch list. Visit your new Neighbour from time to time to see how things are going. If you see new users struggling with the wiki syntax, jump in and help them by formatting a page or correcting a syntax error. Don't forget to add a friendly note explaining what you've done and where they can get more information on improving their wiki skills.

Resources for WikiNeighbours

Great Practices for WikiNeighbours

Will any of my neighbour's cut the grass this year?

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  • Check out social network sites (i.e., VOX - for ideas that the site has about connecting with others in the neighbourhood...