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Information is more than a two way street
He came down from Highgate thro' Hackney & Holloway towards London
Till he came to old Stratford, & thence to Stepney & the Isle
Of Leutha's Dogs, thence thro' the narrows of the River's side,
And saw every minute particular, the jewels of Albion, running down
The kennels of the streets and lanes as if they were abhorr'd
Every Universal Form was become barren mountains of moral
Virtue, and every Minute Particular harden'd into grains of sand
And all the tendernesses of the soul cast forth as filth and mire.
Jerusalem by William Blake


Black History

1807 Comemorated

I attended the 1807 Commemorated: Remembering and representing the abolition of the slave trade, September 18th 19th 2008. This brought together museum practitioners, academics and community representatives to explore how the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade was marked in Britain. We considered what this commemoration means to "Britain" and how it impacts upon issues of identity, ethnicity and social justice. It included important contributions from the USa and Australia.

I was a representative of the Tower Hamlets African and Caribbean Mental Health Organisation. (See THACMHO.)

Community Development

This is the Isle of Dogs, where I live
I have completed this as a three module course.

Data Warehousing


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Web Resources

Expect Anything fear Nothing This was a Seminar on the Situationist Movement in Scandinavia, March 15 & 16 2007 at Folkets Hus, Copenhagen. The seminar was organised by Mikkel Bolt and Jakob Jakobsen in collaboration with the Copenhagen Free University, the Nordic Network of Avant Garde Studies, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Funen Art Academy.

List of things to do

  1. Finish tutorial
  2. Tell friends about wikieducator
  3. Find people on wikieducator working in a similar area to me

Wiki Experiences

I have been an editor on wikipedia for several years. I have found it very useful: sometimes I have started a page on a topic about which I know very little, to find all sorts of information put up there by other people. I hope I can have some similar experiences on WikiEducator