Effective Meetings

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This is a three part course to train people in basic issues about how to organise effective meetings, so that they can get work done in an open and accountable fashion.


  1. Organising Effective Meetings
    1. What are meetings for?
    2. Different sorts of meetings
    3. Different Meetings need different styles
    4. How formal do you need to be?
    5. Decision Making
  2. Tools for Effective Meetings
    1. Suitable Meeting Space
    2. Preparing the Meeting Space
    3. Preparing paperwork and presentations
    4. Agenda
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Code of Conduct
    2. Officers of Organisation
    3. Role of Chair
    4. Role of Secretary
    5. Role of Treasurer

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By the end of the course participants will have
  1. Reflected on the different purposes of having meetings and the different kinds of meetings to serve those purposes
  2. Created an induction pack for the organisation including
    1. A schedule of meetings for the year
    2. A Code of Conduct for participants
    3. A description of the roles of the officers of the organisation
    4. A contact list of the participants

Developed by Leutha, September 2008