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This page is being used as an explorative tool to see how issues of concern can be raised on WikiEducator, in an effective fashion which will make the project usable. I am currently considering abandooning the use of the website, because it is so impenetratable, largely because people give too genera a name to a specific topic.

For example Literary Criticism links to a specific course about Aristotle's Poetics.

Likewise Students links to a specific page concerning students on a specific course.

I feel it would be useful to establish better ways of handling this, which includes popularising these methods amongst editors.

First Community Council Elections questionnaire

The responses from candidates in the First Community Council Elections have been retained here:

Archive 1:First Community Council Elections, September 2008

Four of the successful candidates for the Council responded to the question

Victor Mensah 83.0 %
Brent Simpson 80.8 %
Steve Foerster 79.6 %
Minhaaj ur Rehman 73.3 %

Rob Kruhlak also kindly responded to the questions, and User:Prawstho, who was helping me through the 10th Online L4C Workshop.

Summary of points:

  • Mechanism for raising points with Council
  • Council sets priorities


  1. Establish Taxonomy
  2. Standard naming conventions as part of the style guide
  3. Increase range of sysops and bureaucrats
  4. Create Tools
    1. E-mail newsletter with guidance notes
    2. Tutorial for newbies
    3. Portal pages
    4. Creation of bots
  5. Integration of categorisation into training
  6. Development of users with advanced skills in categorisation and organisation of site
    1. Advanced Tutorials
    2. Barnraising
  7. Promote use of "MyTitle"
  8. Encourage wiki gardening

Usability Working Group proposal for first Community Council Meeting

Please see discussion on WikiEducator talk:Community Council/Meetings/First.