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Today is: 5, October 2022. UTC/GMT Time is: 12:47
Contact-new.svg [math]\mathcal{DR~SUJATA~DHOPTE}[/math]
Employer:M.K.Sanghvi College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai
Languages:Marathi, Sanskrit,Hindi,English
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सुन्या सुन्या मैफिलीत माझ्या तुझेच मी गीत गात आहे

अजुन ही वाटते मला की अजून ही चांद रात आहे

उगीच स्वप्नांत सावल्यांची कशास केलीस आजर्वे तू

दिलेस का प्रेम तू कुणाला तुझ्याच जे अंतरात आहे Do watch


जे जे उत्तम उदात्त उन्नत महन्मधुर ते ते

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Brief description of project
Muktangan(a free land):Drug Rehab Counselling Center
an organisational portal page.

Projected Completion Date:

31 March, 2012

Dr Sujata Dhopte 01:38, 20 February 2012 (UTC) RTENOTITLE.


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Educational Qualification

Edu miscellaneous.png B.A.(Hons) in Economics, M.A. in Economics, P.G.D.S.T., NET, SET, Ph.D. in Management

Current Activities


Participated in L4C71 Workshop of WikiWducator.

I am working with the Learning4Content Community on Wikieducator, in my function as Technical Coordinator for OER Project of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) & Mumbai University.

Designed WEBSITE for College.

Started Social Awareness Programme ‘Samvedana’ for students through field visits to the places like Orphanages, Handicapping Schools, Remand Home, Hospitals, Old Age Homes as a part of Extension programme.

Participated in Population Education Project and Adult Education Programme for R ward, Mumbai division.

I am appointed as Field Coordinator for extending training and evaluation for Six Colleges by Department of Life Long Learning & Extension, University of Mumbai.

Mumbai University has awarded ‘Guest of Honour’ as Editor for ‘Samvedana’ Magazine for Students Life Long Learning & Extension Activity.

Awarded First Position among 172 Colleges of Mumbai University's UDAN Festival for the Skit' Computer Ki Palkhi', written & directed by me.

Abiword abi.pngResearch Papers 2010-11

International Journal ‘Bhavishya-2011’ – ISBN NO (Joint Paper with Dr R Gopal)

Title of the Research Paper- ‘Innovation in Higher Education sector wrt Programmes and Institutions’

International Journal of Business Management– Review December-2010; ISBN NO

Title of the Research Paper- ‘Impact of Global Linkages in Professional Management Education wrt Access, Quality and Research”

Book on Retail Management ; editors- Dr R Gopal & Dr P Manjrekar; 2010 edition

Title of the Research Paper- ‘Impact of Retail Investment in Consumer Relationship on Profitability: Model Extension

International Commerce & Management Conference, University of Mumbai

Title of the Research Paper- ‘Response of the Monetary Authorities to the Real Estate Bubble during Global Recession’

Nagindas Khandwala College of Commerce, Arts & Management Studies

Title of the Research Paper-‘Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Knowledge Management wrt Research: a perspective of ‘B’ Schools in Major Cities of Maharashtra’

2nd International Conference in Entrpreneurship, D.Y.Patil Institute of Business Management

Title of the Research Paper- ‘ Internationalisation of Higher Education Services- Challenges & Risks’

3rd International Conference in Retail Management, D.Y.Patil Institute of Business Management

Title of the Research Paper – ‘Synergy of Strategic Partnership between Corporate & University’

International Conference on Business Management, D.Y.Patil Institute of Business Management

Title of the Research Paper – Internationalization of Higher Education Services in India’

3rd International Conference in Retail Management, D.Y.Patil Institute of Business Management

Title of the Research Paper – ‘ Industry- University linkages in the context of innovation System’

National Confeence in Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management Studies.

Title of the Research Paper – 'Innovation & Knowledge Management:Leveraging Strengths of Indian Higher Education Sector'.

India Mumbai University M.K.Sanghvi College MU OER PORTAL Indifference Curve Analysis GIFFEN'S PARADOX [LaTeX Wikibook

MU OER Project Economics Index


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