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Contact-new.svg Minhaaj ur Rehhman
Website:My Resume
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Occupation:Teacher and Trainer
Other roles:E-learning Educator, Business Teacher and Educational Consultant
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Minhaaj is a Professional Academic, Critic, and Consultant in the Design of Educational Technology Courseware and Strategy. With his Master's Degree in Business Administration and as an online teacher based in Lahore, Pakistan, Minhaaj focuses on the intersection of educational technology strategy and issues of equity and diversity.

He has delivered Academic Lectures, Conference papers, seminars and workshops with specific emphasis on 'Intellectual Property Rights in the 21st Century' in which he has developed a unique approach to Copyleft and Copyright in his acclaimed Blog. Legendary nature of his work and ideas has inspired and motivated western audiences as much as it has enriched eastern values of sharing and collaboration. He has been interviewed widely on his views about intellectual freedom and human rights.

He has passionately spoken about issues like developing Open Educational Resources (OER) using Creative Commons licenses , Alternate forms of Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Trademarks and its impacts on Freedom in Culture, Internet Governance Structure, Digital Dividends, Human Rights, Social media, Free Education, Inequality in E-sphere and FOSS/FLOSS movement.

He is currently serving as Advisory Council member at and before that he was with Wikipedia for 6 years as the evangelist for the Wiki culture in Pakistan, travelling and training in remote rural and underprivileged areas. He has judged numerous projects and has been recommended by likes of Jason Ponting, Editor in Chief, Technology Review.

You are invited to contact me directly or leave a message on my talk page below.


My Resume

Websites and Blogs

• CIDER, Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research
• HIQS, High IQ Society. (Requires score above 124)
• Crocodyl, Corporate Research Wiki.
•, An online learning space.
•, professional network of teachers
•, a wiki for educational researchers.
•, a professional network of educators.
• Friends4Peace, an international Peace group.
• Xing, Professional networking website.
• Liveperson, educational expert.
• Ecademy, Professional networking place.
• LearnHub, An online teaching place.
•, A corporate learning wiki.


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Free and Universal Education

I have created a cause on facebook about free, universal and unprejudiced education. This has always been my dream and i have actively spoken for free education and open source softwares and educational resources. Please join the cause and help me in this noble cause.

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