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Contact-new.svg Aparna Sharma
Employer:Eicher School
Occupation:Head-SEN, Counselor, P.G.T Homescience
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'Professional Objectives:'

  1. To act as a facilitator and offer appropriate intellectual challenge to the students.
  2. To help the students to demonstrate competency in wide range of practical skills.

3) To enable the students to have a clear understanding of the subject/topic & assignments through verbal, non-verbal, auditory and visual presentations.

4) To facilitate teachers to modify /adapt the methods and materials used for teaching.

5) To encourage effective usage of audio-tactile techniques, low cost teaching aids, hands on learning experiences and development of effective time management skills.

6) To design curriculum and worksheet; modify the academic programme as per the customized needs of the students with special needs.

7) In house training of teachers on the usage of various methodologies for teaching and learning processes.

Key responsibilities in school:

  • Coordinator inclusive section in school
  • Preparing IEP for slow learners and poor achievers

• Guidance to teachers and parents of slow learners and poor achievers. • Development of enhancement scheme for students with high grades. • Examination coordinator for the inclusive section. • Coordinating the easy and early detection /assessment programme. • Coordinating with the I.T.Deptt for the use of computer technology by the disabled students. • Coordinator environmental club. • Hospitality In-charge. • Organizing the food festival. • Organizing workshop on various areas of home science ( flower arrangement, dress designing, vegetable carving etc) • Training students in culinary skills specifically presentation skills. • Organizing cultural programmes on National days, UN days and festivals. • Training students for participating in inter school competitions. • Educating students on the need and importance of eating healthy food, problems of adolescence and hygiene. • Organizing concentration and meditation sessions in middle school with the help of sufi music. • Teaching home science in Classes XI and XII. • In charge of the school cabinet . • Coordinating the student exchange programme with other countries.

Project in hand: Preparation of OER4


Commonwealth of learning is working towards having a common curriculum providing online educational resources and study material in print mode for secondary level across all subjects. COL inititiated this process in 2005 and India has been made one of the six nodal centres for the project.

Therefore the 1st country workshop was organized from 16th February -27th February 2009 at National Institute of Open Schooling, Noida.

I have been selected as a subject expert for home science. I got a chance to interact with the most knowledgeable educationists of our country across all subjects.

Hands on training was given on the following parameters:

• Creation of activity based print study material. • Designing the developmental outcomes on the theory of SAMAVAY i.e. work for life and work from life. • Creating the study material in line with the constructivist theory, scenario based learning, theme based learning and research initiative. • Evaluation and assessment to be done based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and Ruberic system. • Creation of reusable learning objects.

This training was given by the renowned educationist consultant Dr. Ram Takwale and Dr. Anand Oak. From iconsent alongwith the educational team from Vancouver headed by Ms. Frances Farreira.

My Contact: Aparna Sharma D-84 dayal bagh Surajkund road Faridabad Haryana India


Eicher School, SEN-COORDINATOR, Counselor, P.G.T Homescience Plot No. 344 Sector 46 faridabad haryana india

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