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Final Activities

OER Teaching Resource Page (continued...)

Finish your OER Teaching Resource page.

Pilot Project

Email your facilitator to discuss and expand on your ideas regarging your pilot project.

Learning Contract

Send in your signed and dated Learning Contract, if you have not yet done so please download and review Your Learning Contract for this workshop. Be sure to sign and date it. Then, email or Fax it to your Workshop Facilitator at +1 (604) 775-8210

WikiEducator Certification

Request Your WikiEducator Certification.

Certificate green.svg

When you complete the tutorials for this workshop, you will receive a valuable WikiApprentice Certification in the WikiMaster Certification Framework please:

Your Facilitator will:

  • Review Your User Page to ensure that it meets the WikiApprentice Certification requirements
    • If it does, s/he will post the appropriate Certification in the InfoBox, on your User Page
    • If it does not, s/he will provide you with feedback to achieve Certification.
Icon present.gif
Tip: Become a Junior Facilitator - to improve your wiki skills and online facilitation expertise

A great way to improve your wiki skills and develop online facilitation expertise is to become a Junior Facilitator. (This will also help you reach higher WE Certification levels). You are welcome to attend and/or support any upcoming workshop. Simply introduce yourself via email to the Workshop Facilitator(s), with a link to your User Page and your Professional Development interests.

Join Discussion Groups

(1) WikiEducator

Subscribe to the main WikiEducator Discussion Group WikiEducator has a primary discussion group / email list of dedicated WikiEducators - available to help and support you in using WikiEducator to develop OERs, and to try out new approaches.

(2) Community Media

Subscribe to Community Media Discussion Group may be of interest.

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Tip: L4C wiki skills course

Approximately one week after this L4C 5-day wiki skills workshop ends, all participants are unsubscribed in preparation for the next group of learners. According, we recommend that you join the WikiEducator Discussion Group to add your voice and enjoy the benefits of ongoing Community Support

Review the rest of the tutorials

Review the other tutorials of interest to you, and subjects of advanced WikiEducator functionality (i.e., RSS feeds, subscribing to WE pages)

Evaluation & Feedback

Help us to improve this workshop!! Please post your suggestions and comments on the Course Feedback page.