Draft Strategic plan 2015 - 2017

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Key points
  • This page was used as the hub for drafting and editing the OERu Strategic plan 2015 - 2017 which was presented for discussion during the OERu 2014 meetings leading to final approval by the OER Foundation Board of Directors at their December 2014 meeting.
  • The sections and subsections of the strategic plan are listed as sub-pages below to facilitate discussion, transclusion for a single page version in the wiki and compiling the collection of pages for different formats.
  • The drafting of the strategic plan is based on the feedback received on the strategic goals during the consultation period.
  • Feedback from OERu partners and the community is welcome and should be posted on the corresponding discussion pages in the wiki.

Table of contents outline

  1. Message from the Chair of the Open Education Resource Foundation
  2. Executive summary (Introduce the "evergreen" / living document approach to OERu strategic planning)
  3. Annual report 2014
  4. Strategic plan 2015 - 2017
  5. How we measure progress

Transcluded version