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  1. The OER Foundation reviewed the outputs and decisions from the OERu 2013 meetings and prepared a spreadsheet to assist with the design of the strategic planning portal in the wiki.
  2. The spreadsheet draft was distributed to: the Executive Committee of the OERu Council of CEO's, Conveners of the Working Groups and members of the Strategic Planning working group to identify any major gaps in the draft document.
  3. The OERu Foundation established the OERu Strategic Planning portal in the wiki to host the open consultation.
  4. The Strategic Planning Committee reviewed the proposed consultation process.

How to participate in the open strategic planning process

Anyone is free to participate in the OERu open strategic planning process. Participation is easy:

  1. Consult the schedule below
  2. Read the planning pages corresponding with the schedule
  3. Post your comments and feedback to the consultation questions (You must be logged into WikiEducator to post your feedback.)


The OERu open strategic planning initiative is divided into three phases with opportunities for the open community and OERu partners to contribute to the process. Given the breadth and complexity of an open planning process, we have scheduled the consultation according to sub-components of the plan. However, given the asynchronous nature of the wiki, contributions and feedback can be made at any time before 27 April 2014.

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

The consultation commenced in May 2014 leading to the approval of the plan by the OERu Council of CEOs in November 2014.

Phase 4: Implementation

Visit the OERu planning portal and Quicklinks page for more information.

Objectives for Goals 1 and 2

Goal 1: Achieve a fiscally sustainable and scalable OERu network

  1. Recruit minimum number of partners for fiscally sustainable OERu network
  2. Build OERu partner community source model for technology innovation and infrastructure support
  3. Diversify funding sources for OERu strategic projects

Goal 2: Improve processes for cost effective and scalable OERu operations

  1. Publish operational guidelines for OERu quality assurance, credit transfer and course articulation
  2. Develop resources to support partners for effective engagement in the OERu network
  3. Improve communications and build roles for distributed leadership directing the modus operandi of the OERu
  4. Extend CIPP monitoring and evaluation of the OERu initiative

Objectives for Goals 3 and 4

Goal 3: Develop the OERu programme of study

  1. Develop product for the OERu (full courses and micro courses)
  2. Develop procedures for streamlining nomination of OERu courses
  3. Develop guidelines, procedures and strategies for building the OERu programme of study

Goal 4: Demonstrators for new business and improved return on partner investment in the OERu network

  1. OER portfolio development course on how to develop an RPL portfolio
  2. Free micro OERu courses offered in e-learning format to full-tuition students using local LMS in parallel with free OERu learners using WikiEducator at two or more OERu partners