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Report of the Marketing, Recruitment and Communication working group


1. To create, deliver and communicate the value of OERu study for prospective learners

2. To support the effective recruitment of new OERu partners

3. To improve OERu member relationship management guiding interactions of the OERu with its member institutions


1. To recruit a small team of marketing professionals from OERu member institutions to support the activities of the marketing, recruitment, and communication working group.

2. To review and improve existing marketing and recruitment materials.

3. To identify strategies for future student recruitment

Summary of main outputs

The 2014 target for recruitment of new institutional partners is close to being achieved.

A range of strategies for recruitment of students to courses have been tried with varying degrees of success.

More work is required to convey the benefits of OERu study to targeted populations of students.

Recommendations for 2015 and the future

This working group requires more members with expertise in marketing and recruitment.

It is proposed that partner institutions draw upon the skills of their marketing professionals for advice on effective promotion of OERu.

The existing working group could be sub-divided into two groups, one specifically concerned with student recruitment and marketing, the other charged with determining and enhancing effective communication strategies between existing partners but more importantly to the wider global community.

An overarching action plan for recruitment of both additional partners and students should be developed.