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NROC Administrator

Description of Role

Access to all drupal (the content management system) admin functions

NROC Site Manager

Description of Role

Ability to approve contributed content, create new content, edit content, moderate content, add users, manager user permissions, set up new workgroup spaces.

MITE Facilitators (MITE Staff)

Description of role

Access to secure staff area, ability to create new content, edit content, across whole site. Different staff may be assigned responsibility to maintain specific information.

NROC Premium Members

Description of role

This is a representative of a member institution

(designated at time of contract) with access to secure support area, including Member downloads: NROC learning objects, course updates, tech support, teacher guides, exams, fixes; FAQs, member news (blog); detailed Institutional “home page” with specific Implementation information and resources.

This member will have a branded /ASP hippocampus site a smaller population. All resources are accessed through a branded site

These users could represent tens to hundreds of users that are part of an institution.

NROC Basic Member

Description of roles

Password access to Support Resources: FAQs, Instructor and Student Guides(?), member news (blog); Detailed Institutional “home page” with specific Implementation information and resources.

Registered user

Description of role

If a person wants to leave a comment or interact and is not a designated member contact (with password access to support resources), they would register and login.

Register user profile to include first name, last name, username, email contact, role (student, administrator, teacher, other (required).

Other fields optional (in profile form)


Description of role

Access to all open content: news, professional development, information about NROC, (links to Hippo, course list, discussions, etc.) Search to see if their institution/state is a member of NROC and who to contact.

Must register to comment, subscribe to newsletter, participate is discussions/forum