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Operations & IT

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Action Items

  • Outward communications: Focus on the Members: Support site is the one site they go to, to get everything they need....
    • Ruth about Nancy: very imp. role in creating the communication pieces to our funders; communicating the effectiveness... our success in developing a community of people supporting each other, and supporting the whole concept of NROC as a 'network community'
    • Ruth - presentation at conferences, about design and principles behind project.... geared more towards experiences around members
    • Gary -- leadership, OER in state departments and education...
    • tie in with Editorial Development Team

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October 7

(Ruth, Nancy, Brian, Randy, Sam)

  • Brian - continuation of earlier project; moving course and, and as it exists into Drupal environment; now Phase II of that project, to revise that content, and co-mingle it , under
  • Phase I - new business requirements coming up; new planning phase... new needs "Community" and new service based approach for our membership group (Service implementation) -
  • one of the most cross-functional projects that we have
    • IT staff - supporting the applications environment
    • it is currently served across multiple servers....redundancy and uptime considerations; we have additional design work to make sure we can design it within the hosting environment we have -- "supporting our members through the site, and keeping content on site"
  • Nancy - Drupal, more easily modify the content & network;
    • Operations Network and Support site...

Key Messages

  • our membership has a real vested interest in having changes to support and operations that reflect our new "Implementation support services" model for their membership activities/benefits - this project has been identified as a way that this happens....serious need for a rolling out on the schedule....
  • our serving a number a business goals
    • Membership Implementation Strategy -
  • Implementation Support is available that mentions the time frame and business plans of our membership group...
    • Existing support site: new site, serving our members with support, with implementation information
    • then Implementation Strategy - take general resources and give specific advice, to take those resources internally
    • internal marketing and promoting use within our organizations
  • Action Item: have a cross-functional organization

"Operations / IT

  • Brian - get NexLearn/Phil Cross on a follow on call with Sam to discuss server issues.


  • has to be easily modifiable for MITE Ops and IT
  • has to be easily modifiable for for users - "ease of use"
  • basic idea of relationship for member support and communication
    • for Tech Support - point


  • missed opportunity - if they go to the website, they get frustrated..... because they can't find it... and could have access to a lot more resources;
  • historically, they don't call us for tech support -- they try to find it on their own...
  • it would improve their opinion of us;
  • impact on organization
  • future might be around "advanced level of support" - i.e., what Terri and Dani are doing around implementation support (i.e., asking enough questions; also tie-into communications)
  • usage and rollout of NROC into member institutions is not as effective as it could be.... so
    • thinking around "support" and "scalability" - tie into communications, learning, community engagement,)
    • NROC can move into a more facilitative role, not a dependency model...
  • people don't call us when they run into challenges....
  • Ruth: needs for a similar vocabulary as to how we want this to work
  • Ruth - what about communicating with the Board?
    • Gary: updates to the board, makes comments - very simple communication channel (i.e., forum)
  • masters and contracts -



  • I want Nancy to be happy.
  • make decisions how to respond best to a customer request...
  • Opportunity with redoing site:
    • resolution with accounts created at Hippocampus, and look at Roles within the new site, and look at the two models
  • Roles (5) - five logins + institutional account on H server (do it together rather than doing it individually
    • looking at creating individual accounts, participating for individuals and forums
  • Ruth - "Institutional Space", integrate within Terri and Dani's Implementation Plan... for those members who have a URL in one place; but also for them to be interested enough to be talking to people on other parts of site.
  • Nancy: Can those 5 contacts be on a webform to go into Salesforce?;
    • will have meeting with Matt on Tuesday -

(Comment.gif: Brian and Nancy discussed this with Matt Fisher (Salesforce consultant). He suggests we build the functionality in Drupal that we want and he will work with us to integrate the information into Salesforce in Phase II of our implementation. -- Nancy)

  • Sam: would be best to work with the Salesforce consultant you have, but there are APIs, etc.
  • Feedback emails - respond to emails as appropriate
  • 1. would we want to put in feedback, which is convenient to the users.... it could be routed to people - potential proposed functionality
  • messages from members, which are questions or comments...and ask questions and comments of members... (separate from the forum)... members contact each other, in the forum(s) -