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Marketing, Membership & Communications

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Action Items

  • Develop specialized documentation (i.e., web-based and via telephone - input)
  • Discuss if there will be more roles going forward
    • Explore tie in with revamped SalesForce implementation.
    • Explore impact on membership upsales
    • curriculum developers, admin, PM, etc.
  • Develop Communications Strategy for Website Launch

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October 5, 2009

Participants: Dani, Ruth, Sam, Randy, Johnathan

  • brain dump, accumulation of desires, discussions going on for about 1 year...
  • info gleaned, and seeing where the rough spots are (in chatting with members)
  • identify priority individuals - tools, content, etc.
    • what do we feel we need to make available to meet their needs
    • Main Reason for Embarking on this... even if we just took everything avail; easier to use, and develop in more in intuitive way, make an improvement:
    • make an improvement - what does this mean...
Current Site

1. - it's not extremely clear the site: what resources does, have to enable me to be successful; needs to be more intuitive and findable;

    • we're talking about the community site as a whole, and the support site.
    • it's not always crystal clear what I'm going to find here, and what I can use...

2. - core issues - because of our size, we have to empower our members to leverage each other's experience, in order to be successful

    • the Network site is a place where we can lay the groundwork, so that they can help each other...
    • just collaborating in a discussion area - right now, so cumbersome... members 'giving up'; people not going there for information; we are answering questions, when people could be directed themselves... even we have trouble finding it (productivity issue, support improvement).
    • making this a useable site that people feel it's worth their time.
    • in terms of supporting our members -- I need to direct a member to a resource, with simple instructions to get it done, yes...
    • facilitating the member-to-member support - reduce the number of hours spent, supporting the member... (measurable metric?)
    • make our job easier on the support side... connecting people (effective) - think about what can take its place, but not reduce the experience...
    • Danni - give them the option to do either -- (RF: feedback mechanism, about success of partnering) - RF: add more value to the relationship; performing higher value functions
    • ensure the quality of the member experience - not too mindful how it's organized, how many communications our members are getting; not overwhelmed by emails, etc.
    • Message: Member Service & Supporting vs.. push to members; they should be in "control" and "self-select" into those communications types; (i.e., quality issue); quality of the user experience enhanced NOT compromised
    • sense of pride for Mkting: -
      • bottom line is that we want this org to grow and prosper and for our members to benefit; this site is a big part of that; the more successful and useful it is, for our members, the more possible that we're going to be around for the long term (value proposition); more involved with the organization ...
      • members need to feel ROI - from the resources we provide, then that relationship is at risk.
      • Prioritize - #1 over the next few months; #2 6-12 months, etc.
          • Sam: develop it in iterations, and then subsequent iterations...(i.e., simpler functions, then more advanced functions, and advanced functions that enhance those functions, etc.)

Discussion on Implementation / Roles

  • self-hosted members (premium) - actual delivery of media
  • NROC hosted members (premium or basic) - actual delivery of media
    • Action Item: specialized documentation possible
  • will the form be on web, or walk-through (facilitated by a person) - BOTH
  • planning tools will be useful to both -
    • focusing consultative approach - initial interviews, followup interviews, helping them - for 'strategic' members....(very hands-on; hard-copy deliverable for them)
    • we would like to give members access to some of these planning activities (Communications: Action Item: could you build webinars around them - i.e., tracking them, analytics), and strengthen community (we would like to implement as part of our regular communications with members
    • what would a new member need at their fingertips; how to make master CD's, etc.
  • Process Point: anyone who is entering the support community as a Technical Admin (will come with a user name and password - they will know what their role is in the system).
    • receive a welcome packet - access to HippoC, and access and login to NROC (system will know that I'm an NROC admin (dashboard?)- seamless sign up experience for the 'team' - institutional member (up to 5 people - to password protected support area) - some folks will need the training stuff, and technical support; roles: (1) Admin - download assessments, archive; (2) registered user can see higher level info (i.e., professional development)
  • Action Item: Dialogue required: Will there be more roles going forward? (also revamping Salesforce implementation.
    • curriculum developers, admin, PM, etc.
  • Danni - have consensus by staff impacted by this; needs to parallel with SalesForce implementation (that's where User Name passwords will be provided during the contracting process)
    • Basic Membership: FTE, in institution: $3K-$30K
    • Premium Membership: 2-3 year commitment, set-fee: $25K-for 2 years; K-12, $50K 2 years; or Statewide $100K for 2 years
  • can this be elevated to premium - can we add value to the people in the new roles?
    • Support also - to NROC network space (i.e., the value...what can this space provide, in helping a basic member might understand to the next level - and target communications to them, in their (private) space.
    • Adding value to the memberships AND members (iterative design)
    • Mixing from the entire site... not internal silos