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Editorial Development

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Action Items

  • define CoPs in Glossary
  • Develop "Pipeline" and discuss options for showing Pipeline Stages (i.e., text and visual)
    • Explore 'guided crowdwsourcing (Sam)
  • contribution to larger toolset (Jessica)
  • strengthen info-sharing with marketing
  • one-shot emails to share your thoughts, ideas, emails and frustrations through the Google Group; about your processes, and not to worry about dealing with it in detail...(to cut through the overwhelm factor) (Sam}
  • add sentence from Editorial Development, to go into overall Key Messages (Top-Level)

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Key Messages

Tactical - Editorial Development


  • to create high quality courses that are openly available - OER resources for members and the world...
  • "high quality" - educationally sound, engaging for the student, good coverage of the subject matter, effective use of technology and media, appropriate for the grade level; adaptive considering budget constraints; innovative and creative in the way we can deliver content for our members;
  • "Network" - now, we're fully into development, and working
    • needing to support or
    • Network as a communications tool, to help all of us be more efficient (i.e., questions list, copy free, quality check - we don't have to go back and forth with them...
    • Editorial could come together with our members and MMC staff, so it's a clean way of communicating with our staff, and our members - and it's a clean way of communicating...

(Comment.gif: focusing on quality and highly adaptive + workflow templating for internal staff to share with the client-menber to reduce the back and forth)


    • online quality checklist, for others to do their own quality assessment (i.e., tool available out of England that we could adapt - footprint on diff. methods of quality ) - could be a 'self-help' tool, developing that to be used for peer review as well.
    • open technology guidelines tool
    • Sam's project example - Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
    • we'd like people to offer up and ask for resources from each other
Pipeline: Stages
  • Pipeline Level: start with the pipeline...what is the most important project to develop from
  • wiki version of our pipeline....this is what we need now....; then move onto stages... (list of questions: do you have the right permissions)
  • resources
  • quality review check
  • overall big view of the big list - an ongoing list that we could look like, and transparent so that we're all on the same page.
  • add SMEs, if you have resources, and
  • come to the Network - my biggest priority is devleopment; they see all this energy working on something else, they might do something else....
  • guided crowdsourcing - process Renee described that is in stages.... then folks can decide where and how they would like to be involved and participating (Sam); this also becomes a 'story' for communications and marketing; (but this would form a community - common interests and goals, and create this sense of participation from our members in terms of course development)
  • to empower members - transparent, staging area starting with the pipeline and carrying it right through, that they are helping to create and fuel decisions - so that the members know what we're doing, and how they could participate...
  • could a visual component - like a dashboard for managing a multi-stage process (depends on who it's that for)
  • how does the pipeline contribute to larger toolset (Jessica)
  • how are the errors tracked and reported out of Hippocampus (something with Nancy)