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Welcome to My Personal Projects

Mark & Jenni - pencil sketch crated online

We (my partner Mark & I) started renovating our home (January 2009) and are now almost finished (July 2010) most of these projects are connected to our home renovation - which we did ourselves.
We are:

  • - demolishing the existing front bedroom #3 and replacing it with an ensuite bathroom that will connect to our bedroom #1
  • - enlarging the entry area which will encompass a computer nook
  • - and adding a new 3rd bedroom to the back of the house

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Backyard Blitz

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Start Date - September 2008. End Date - December 2008

Before we can add an addition to the back of our house we had to:

  • move the existing retaining brick wall further back
  • and replace the side fence

Just as we were about to start this project our lawnmower man stopped coming so I decided it was a good idea to pull out all the lawn and replace it with brick paving and more garden.

We have just about finished this project, just need to add some mulch to the gardens and wait for the new plants to grow (which they are doing nicely, as we are having a mix of rainy and warm sunny days).

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Leadlight windows

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Start Date - September 2008. End Date - still in progress --jennip 04:49, 27 July 2010 (UTC)

Before we started the renovation our home had a number of different style windows.

  • 2 leadlight windows with coloured glass - near the front door
  • 8 zinclight windows with different textured clear glass - across the front of the house (3 in bedroom #1 and 5 in bedroom #3)
  • the remaining windows are all normal sash windows - nothing fancy about them!

Bedroom #3 was originally the front verandah (which had been enclosed prior to me buying the house over 20 years ago) and it is now falling down around us. It is only single brick and has a big crack right along the south/west wall under the windows, the ceiling is leaking and is about to collapse. So now sounds like a good time to renovate!

So the 8 zinclight windows are going and I will replace our 3 bedroom #1 windows with leadlights as zinc is too brittle and if I did have them restored they wouldn't match the rest of the house. All 9 windows will be the same design made out of clear glass (not coloured). These type of leadlights are known as "Black & White" leadlights. I have selected 3 different types of glass (of varying density and patterns) and a daisy shaped bevel for the centre of the window. Actually 1 window is not a window it will be the glass panel in the new front door.

As they will all be handmade (by me) I don't expect they will be identical but that just adds to the character! Loud groan from my partner, Mark - not MORE character!

Phase 1 - Learn how to make leadlights

Sea breeze window
  • Beginners classes in September(3hrs per week for 4 weeks)
  • Advanced classes in October (3hrs per week for 4 weeks).

The instructor Bert and his wife Marie were great and I had lots of fun.

The project for the advanced class was to make a my first window is already complete. It is the "sea breeze" window in the loungeroom.

Phase 1 - completed

I have bought all the required equipment and set up my own little leadlight workshop and am ready to move onto Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Ensuite & Toilet windows

The frames have been made for the ensuite and toilet windows. Yes I know, leadlight sounds a bit fancy for these rooms, however they both face the street so I want them to match our bedroom #1 windows (which also face the street). They are small windows that will be installed at head height for privacy reasons! I intend to draw up the patterns and buy the glass this week and start cutting the glass next week. That's the easy part. The most time consuming and complex task is constructing the leadlight. I can hear Bert saying..."you can do it"...and I know I can, but it's nice to know he is around to help if I get stuck. this page for the continuing saga of the windows!!!

Phase 2 - in progress