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Welcome to My Sandbox

This is where I learn about wikieducator and play with wiki tools.

Day 1 - Getting Started

Groups registration, introduction discussion, video-wiki in plain English, wiki discussion, Navigating

Day 2 - Learning Contract

Create account, survey, add name to user list,

Day 3 - Formatting

Using the toolbar

This word is bold and this word is italic.

Using syntax

The syntax for bold and italic is ' (apostrophe)

This word is bold...html code also works for bolding bold This word is italic...html code also works for italics italic

Heading Levels

The syntax for heading levels is = (equal signs) Level 1 Headings have only 1 equal sign Level 2 have 2, Level 3 have 3 etc...

Automatic Table of Content

If an article has at least four headings, a table of contents will automatically be generated (it did!)

Starting a new line

1st line of text... pressing enter once will not have any effect on the text layout
to start a new line within a paragraph use the standard HTML code for a line break

Starting a new paragraph

1st paragraph.....etc
(press enter twice and leave a blank line between the paragraphs)

2nd paragraph....


The syntax for indenting is : (colon)

level 1 indent
level 2 indent
level 3 indent

Bulleted Lists

The syntax for bullet points is * (asterisks)

  • 1st point
  • 2nd point
    • 2nd sub-point
  • 3rd point

Numbered Lists

The syntax for lists is # (hash)

  1. 1st list item
  2. 2nd list item
    1. 2nd list item, sub-item 1
    2. 2nd list item, sub-item 2
  3. 3rd list item

Mixed Lists

  • Bullet point
  1. Number 1 point
    • Indented bullet point under a number point
  • Bullet point
    1. Indented list point under a bullet point

More Wiki Codes

Standard HTML tags can be used for other common formatting tasks such as subscript H2O, superscript m3, underline, strikethrough etc

preformatted text such as this (eg: blue dotted box around the text in this example) is created by entering a space at the beginning 
of the line
or by using the '''pre''' HTML tag

Block quotes can be created by using the blockquote html tag

here is my example quote

followed by more lines of text...

Advanced Editing

Lots of good stuff on this page: page colors, scroll boxes, TOC, font styles, emotions, etc.

Change page color with CSS

To change the color of your user page, simply add the following code, replacing the Capatilized text with the desired web colors: {| | style="background:BACKGROUND COLOR; color:TEXT COLOR" |}

Scroll boxes

To create a scrollbox, use the "overflow:auto" style code. Be sure to also specify a "height: nnpx", where nn is the height you want. Here's an example of one 150px tall:

  • What is the meaning of life? And what does that question mean?
  • Where is the line between life and non-life?
  • Where does choice come from?
  • Can emotion be programmed?
  • Where do we feel?
  • Why does art move us?
  • What makes us want to be better, to have purpose?
  • Who are you and what do you want?
    • That is, who are you, really? The true you, deep inside.
    • And what do you really want (but for whatever reason haven't committed to getting)?


To suppress the automatic table of contents box from appearing on your userpage, place the following line somewhere on your userpage:


To have the table of contents box float to the right, place the following line where you want the toc to appear:


Font styles, sizes, colors

Font style - Lucida Handwriting and font size - 12pt

Font colour - rust red


Also called smileys, these emoticons are useful for adding emotional expression to text messages. Definitely not for use in articles, but suitable for enhancing messages on talk pages, especially user talk pages. They can also be used as menu icons and user page art.

Smiley Name: Example of smiley: Smiley Name: Example of smiley:
Smiley 1 Smiley.svg [[Image:Smiley.svg|19px]] Smiley 2 Face-glasses.svg [[Image:Face-glasses.svg|21px]]
Smiley 3 File:SoleteRayosÑajo.gif [[Image:SoleteRayosÑajo.gif]] Smiley 4 SNive.gif [[image:SNive.gif|19px]]
Smiley 5 SFriendly.gif [[image:SFriendly.gif|19px]] Smiley 6 Face-wink.svg [[Image:Face-wink.svg|23px]]
Smiley 7 SConfident.gif [[image:SConfident.gif|20px]] Smiley 8 SInnocent.gif [[image:SInnocent.gif|18px]]
Smiley 9 Choice toxicity icon.png [[Image:Choice toxicity icon.png|21px]] Smiley 10 Tongue.png [[Image:Tongue.png|21px]]
Smiley 11 SMocking.gif [[image:SMocking.gif|19px]] Smiley 12 19px [[Image:Blush.png|19px]]
Smiley 13 XD-smiley.png [[Image:XD-smiley.png|20px]] Smiley 14 Emblem-cool.svg [[Image:Emblem-cool.svg|20px]]
Smiley 15 Happy.gif [[Image:Happy.gif|22px]] Smiley 16 Face-grin.svg [[Image:Face-grin.svg|25px]]
Smiley 17 Face-devil-grin.svg [[Image:Face-devil-grin.svg|25px]] Smiley 18 SCongratulate.gif [[image:SCongratulate.gif|19px]]
Smiley 19 SSceptical.gif [[image:SSceptical.gif|21px]] Smiley 20 SHurt.gif [[image:SHurt.gif|19px]]
Smiley 21 SIndifferent.gif [[image:SIndifferent.gif|19px]] Smiley 22 Animalien-smiley.gif [[Image:Animalien-smiley.gif|20px]]
Smiley 23 SYawning.gif [[image:SYawning.gif|19px]] Smiley 24 Sleeping.png [[Image:Sleeping.png|25px]]
Smiley 25 Very sorry.gif [[image:Very_sorry.gif|19px]] Smiley 26 Confused-tpvgames.png [[image:Confused-tpvgames.gif|21px]]
Smiley 27 Confused.png [[Image:Confused.png|19px]] Smiley 28 SUpset.gif [[image:SUpset.gif|19px]]
Smiley 29 SNasty.gif [[image:SNasty.gif|19px]] Smiley 30 Sad-tpvgames.gif [[image:Sad-tpvgames.gif|21px]]
Smiley 31 Frowny.svg [[Image:Frowny.svg|20px]] Smiley 32 21px [[image:Cry-tpvgames.gif|21px]]
Smiley 33 Shocked-tpvgames.gif [[image:Shocked-tpvgames.gif|21px]] Smiley 34 Face-surprise.svg [[Image:Face-surprise.svg|22px]]
Smiley 35 Misc-tpvgames.gif [[image:Misc-tpvgames.gif|20px]] Smiley 36 SHysterical.gif [[image:SHysterical.gif|18px]]
Smiley 37 SShocked.gif [[image:SShocked.gif|18px]] Smiley 38 Smiley green alien KO.svg [[Smiley green alien KO.svg|25px]]
Smiley 39 Face-crying.svg [[Image:Face-crying.svg|25px]] Smiley 40 Face-smile-big.svg [[Image:Face-smile-big.svg|25px]]

Day 4 - Advanced Pages

New Pages


If you think people will search for the page using a different name or different spelling it is a good idea to set up a redirect page.

  1. Start a new page with the name of the page to redirect from eg: User:jennyp
  2. In this new page, type the redirect syntax and create internal to the page you want to direct people to eg: #REDIRECT User:jennip
  • Note - the only way to get back to the page which has been redirected is to type in the page name eg: user:jennyp...this will "redirect" you to the correct page eg: user:jennip. At the top of the page you will see the redirection link - click on this to go to the redirected page.

Move (rename) Pages

I read the info & clicked on the move tab to have a look. I thought I might rename My sandbox to My Sandbox (with a capital)...but as it actually moves the page & creates a redirect I didn't think I'd bother. I now know how to do if I need to but I will ensure I put a bit of thought into my page names before I create them in the future so hopefully it won't be necessary to move pages.

Delete Pages

Users can't. Only systems operators can delete pages (sort of delete anyway) and undelete them. So that's all I need to know!

Automatic Page Creation

Type the name for the new page in the box below and click "create new page" button

Remember to put a link to the page so you can find it again! Link to new page

Day 5 - Links

Internal Links

[[User:jennip|Link title]] This link will take you to my user page

External Links

[ My blogs] This link will take you to My Blogs

More links

More about links at

Day 6 - Images and other media

This image is a thumb image . Me taken in January 2004 on our new digital camera.

In brief, the full syntax for displaying an image is:

[[Image:file name|type|location|size|caption]]

Insert an image... jennip

Insert a thumb image - right aligned, in a frame with a caption.

An example of a photo gallery is shown on My Projects page

Insert a .swf file Media:jparker_imm4123_assess01.swf

More about inserting images at

Day 7 - Collaboration & Colors


The wiki philosophy is to assist others and I am very happy to provide any assistance I can File:SoleteRayosÑajo.gif. If I can help just ask me! I left a message on most of the participants discussions boards just to say hello and leave my details jennip 08:24, 4 December 2008 (UTC) so they know where to find me.

levels of mastery


HTML color names

Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal
aqua #00FFFF green #008000 navy #000080 silver #C0C0C0
black #000000 gray #808080 olive #808000 teal #008080
blue #0000FF lime #00FF00 purple #800080 white #FFFFFF
fuchsia #FF00FF maroon #800000 red #FF0000 yellow #FFFF00

Playing with colours as per Gita's example.

Day 8 - Contributions

This section explained

  • Discussion / talk pages
  • My preferences
  • My watchlist
  • My contributions

I have already had quite a few discussions with other users, setup my preferences and added a few pages to my watchlist.

I have sent discussion messages to 3 projects and included an area to list the projects I am contributing to on my userpage. To date only 1 person has responded to my offer to assist on projects. Maybe the other 2 are no longer using wikieducator?

Day 9 - Pedagogical Templates

Known as iDevices. List of available templates I've added the web_resources template to my userpage and the Tell us a story template to My_Projects page.

Day 10 - Other Features


I had already done this activity as I've already created another sub-page My Projects. I'm a bit of a "what if" type learner so when I did the sandbox page, I experimented with the syntax and created another sub-page.

I added a "Tell us a story" template to My projects page and discovered it did not like html syntax. I had a line to remind myself to add a digital story which I formatted as "red" but it wouldn't display ANY of the text with this line in it. when I deleted the html font color tags it worked fine.

Navigation Templates

List of available navigation templates

sample navigation template - WET1_structure.

Special WikiEducator Templates for community nodes or structured teaching materials

sample structured teaching materials template - based on the Topics with subpages template Jennip Nav

I've added a navigation template to this page...and to My Projects page.


Categories allow you to group related pages. There are already a number of existing categories and these are listed on the Special Categories page

I added an existing category to the 2 template pages I created:

To create an new category simply type [[Category:new name]] then go to the page and type some instructions on how to how this category. Example - see "jennip" category at the bottom of this page.

Collaborative Videos

(Comment.gif: Only this section and learning more about videos - still to do. I've run out of time today...I'll finish it tomorrow!)

Advanced Users

WikiEducator Copyleft & Licenses

Policies & Guidelines