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Welcome to My Toolbox

Here you will find links to some of my web 2.0 applications. Many of these are "works in progress" or simple "play" pages for me to explore new tools and see how they work. Some of these I use in my teaching...and some I don't :)

My Wikis

  • TopTools - A wiki with links to lots of web 2 Tools created on pbworks
  • Patricia Parker - A wiki about my Mum created on wikispaces (Top Tool) - after wikieducator of course!

My Blogs

If you visit any of my blogs I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment to introduce yourself and let me know which tools you use and like.

  • jennip's journeys - A number of blogs, mostly about my travels and house renovations created on Blogger (Top Tool)
  • jennip's journeys - Playing with Wordpress. Still experimenting with this one!
  • jennip's edjourneys - Playing with edublogs. Still experiementing with this one!
  • jennip's journeys - Playing with Posterous. My newest experiment - I like the fact that you can post using email for sms

My Social Networks

Other Tools

  • WiZiQ - Web Conferencing Tool that I use every week (Top Tool)
  • Wordle - Word Cloud creator that I use for devloping resources (Top Tool)
  • Authorstream - Convert ppt presentations to online videos (Top Tool)
  • Prezi - a zooming presentation tool (an alternative to ppt). My newest experiment - I like the zooming, but limited themes, fonts and no option to add audio.