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Contact-new.svg Ines Pinto
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Employer:Colégio Amor de Deus
Occupation:Teacher of Portuguese
Other roles:When needed, Translator
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My Personal Working Environment

  • I'm Inês Pinto, born in Brazil, a teacher of Portuguese, for 23 years, to 10-12 years old young students, in a Catholic private school in Cascais, Portugal.

My personal blog at Edublogs Community: web.cad.6

Our where I work with my young students: Sqip

    • My school belongs to an Institute of sisters originally founded in Spain, that are mainly dedicated to education, with a special presence in South America and Africa. Our school, through volunteer work, also keeps a foundation of solidarity with families and young students in need who live in our town, many of them having emigrated from Africa.
My School site: CAD
Our Solidarity Association: [AJU]
Our Department of Portuguese Language blog: DP
    • In Europe, the sisters keep a few large schools that help them to support several different kinds of schools in countries such Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Angola, Mozambique, among others.
    • Wikipedia
    • Congregation Main Site

Common Human Values

I've discovered WikiEducator just recently, but I think the leading values of the Community that makes this project live are similar to those inspiring the action of our sisters spread all around the world.

The Enlargement of my Working Environment trough WikiEducator Project

Thus, I imagine that it would be easy to collaborate in projects where the educational resources shared by our students in Portugal would be wide open to the participation of so many students from Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, for instance, that aspire to be empowered by a better education and by mastering the new skills required by our challenging modern society.

Personal Contribution to WikiEducator

  • As a personal contribution to WikiEducator I will translate the first Tutorials to Portuguese.
    • I'm looking forward to receiving suggestions, corrections, tips and all sorts of collaboration.
      • I'm counting on such help mainly in what concerns the precise translation of Wiki syntax and specific technical terms related to web tools.
  • I'm honored to collaborate with WikiEducator Community, by accepting the invitation to edit in these pages my own Portuguese lessons and to bring along with me my young students in order to share our common work with any speaking Portuguese student that will be interested.
  • As my use of the English Language is far from being correct I will be grateful if any member of this Community correct my writings.

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The time is 20:21, Zulu (ie. at Greenwich)

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  • Note: In Inpi ~ let me know how I can help you ~ are you on Skype --Randy Fisher 12:13, 6 August 2008 (UTC)