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This course on educational technology comprises of 8 modules covering different aspects of educational technology as a field of study. Though the course is primarily aimed at teachers, teacher educators,and student teachers,we hope that the researchers, educational administrators and anybody interested in understanding the technology of education and the applications emerging technologies in education will also find it suitable.


This course is a collaborative venture started by M.U.Paily a teacher educator and researcher at RIE, Bhopal, India and hope to get a few more serious content developers with expertise in Educational Technology to join the project soon, so as to develop this course fully.Teachers,teacher educators and student teachers may kindly use this course and give us the feedback and help in revising the content.

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The General Objectives of this Course are:
  • Explain the meaning and nature of Educational Technology
  • Differentiate various approaches to educational technology
  • Explain the evolution of various educational media
  • Understand ICT and its application in education
  • Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the main components of the computer hardware in use
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the operating system and main functions of the system software environment
  • Use a word processor, spread sheet, and presentation software skillfully and intelligently to produce various teaching learning resources for educational use
  • Understand the social, economic and ethical issues associated with the use of ICT
  • Integrate the use of various digital gadgets for teaching learning process
  • Use internet technologies efficiently to access remote information, communicate and collaborate with others
  • Develop an understanding of open source software and appreciate its usefulness in education
  • Explain the meaning and types of instructional design
  • Develop the competencies in ICT integration in education
  • Plan, develop, and evaluate multimedia based learning content
  • Understand the concept of e-learning, e-learning technologies and learner management systems
  • Appreciate the importance of open courseware
  • Understand the concept of e-content, learning objects, and authoring tools
  • Appreciate the need for efficient management of educational technology

Specific Objectives/Learning Questions will be Provided for Each Module

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Major Activities in this Course are:
  • Using a word processor, spread sheet, and presentation software to produce various teaching learning resources and upload the same
  • Locating internet resources - navigating, searching, selecting, saving and evaluating (use standard internet resource evaluation criteria)
  • Comparative study of ICT syllabus of school education and teacher education of various organizations
  • Developing an online electronic assessment portfolio using OSPI or MAHARA demo servers
  • Developing an electronic teaching portfolio and uploading the same to the course website
  • Developing and ICT integrated unit plan for any content
  • Taking part in an ICT integrated online project based or problem based learning activity
  • Survey of Innovative practices in ICT integration in education
  • Evaluating multimedia CD ROMs using standard criteria and study the multimedia evaluation reports available at
  • Developing a multimedia e-content for an educational topic using any authoring tool
  • Creating e-content using LAMS ( use the onlie LAMS demo server
  • A critical study of some e-learning courses and enrolling and completing some free e-learning courses
  • Critical evaluation of ICT integration efforts in your own country
  • Enrolling for MOODLE demo courses at
  • Developing and implementing an E-learning course using MOODLE server
  • Critical review of ICT integration research studies. May use the reports available at
  • Creating account in wikipedia/mediawiki and adding/editing content
  • Completing wikieducator tutorials/L4C workshops at
  • Creating account in teachertube/slideshare and sharing your video/powerpoint. View and comment on others contributions
  • Developing an educational blog in,,
  • Downloading, installing and using free and open source antivirus programmes -clamwin
  • A study of current status of technology integration in a teacher education institutions
  • Critical review of UNESCO ICT Competency Standard for Teachers - 2008
  • Critical review of National Educational Technology Standards of ISTE at

Many more module specific activities will be provided