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Hi Nellie, I've been following you since [] and your website [Integrating Technology]. I surely agree that online learning should be free and available worldwide. At my school, in Portugal, we are starting a [Moodle] platform to implement e-learning for all students in every subject matter; each classroom has been provided with a screen, a projector and a spot of wireless internet will cover the whole area of the school. We have been given some lessons about dealing with [Moodle] - version 1.8 - and the young students were very enthusiastic about it in their first trials: a special room where students were empowered as administrators has been settled for my young students - 10 to 12 years old. During this school year, we have also tried to set up a [pbwiki], but I know so litle about wikis that I would like to follow the workshop starting the 28 July. We have been also using [tiddly wiki], wich is very handy as it may be carried in a pen and allows working off line. I'm looking for a wiki that is similar to tiddly wiki and that students under 13 may use according to the law. I've been also looking among semantic wikis; I would be very grateful if you give me your advice on this matter. I will go on looking for your training lessons with web2.0 tools; I would love to learn to use voice thread, podcasts and collaborative video with my young students. I have been supported and encouraged by my learning community at []where I'm starting a blog. I also apologize for my poor writing in your beautiful language. Thank you so much for listening to me. Ines

Inpi (talk)13:31, 19 July 2008