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Personal Information


This is a photo of Sylvester
Sylvester Dickson Baguma
Date of Birth: 25th November 1964
Place of Birth: Kitoole Hoima District, UGANDA
Marital Status: Married with Children


National Agricultural Research Organisation
P.O. BOX 295,
Tel: +256-414-320325
Mobile +256-772504827
Fax: +256-414-321070
Skype: sdbaguma

Educational Background

Sylvester is a hybrid of two fields notably Agriculture and Information Technology. He has a Masters Degree from Cranfield University in Information Technology specialising in Management Information Systems and another Masters Degree from Makerere University in Agriculture specialising in Crop Science. He has a postgraduate diploma in Development Evaluation from Carleton University in Ottawa and a Postgraduate diploma in Modern Management and Administration from Cambridge University.He has many skills development certificates in Monitoring and Evaluation, Electronic publishing, facilitating e-communities and strategic planning and Management.


Sylvester has more than 15 years of practical experience in M&E and 11 years of teaching IT subjects. He decided to retire from lecturing on 1st April 2009. He been involved in setting up M&E systems and the recent one is for an IFAD-Funded project in Zanzibar. He has practical experiences in developing and implementing Management Information Systems and Monitoring and Evaluation System

Work Experience

  1. January 2007 to-date: Principal M&E Officer and MIS Specialist – Quality Assurance, Uganda National Agricultural Research Council - Secretariat.
  2. April 2006 to December 2006; Acting Director Quality Assurance, Uganda National Agricultural Research Council - Secretariat.
  3. January 2006 to April 2006; Principal Research Information Management Officer – NARO Secretariat
  4. June 2003 to March 2006; Ag. Director, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit – NARO Secretariat
  5. June 2002 to June 2003: Senior Research Information Management Officer based at NARO Secretariat.
  6. June 2002 – January 2003; Acting Director, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit.
  7. 1994 to December 2002: Research Information Management Officer
  8. 1998 to 2002; Lecturer of IT-MIS, 2002 to date Senior Lecturer
  9. 1993-1994; Research Officer (Maize Programme)

Consultancy Experience

  1. March 2nd – 20th 2009: Resource person: Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation workshop organized by Wageningen International in the Netherlands.
  2. January 21st – 23rd 2009: Consultant: Developing a-10 year strategic plan for Mukono Zonal Agricultural Research and Development. Held in Mukono – Uganda.
  3. December 10th – 17th 2008: Consultant, Writing Winning Proposals and Scientific Writing for ILRI Postgraduate Students. Developed materials and facilitated training workshops organized by ILRI at ILRI Addis Ababa and Nairobi.
  4. November 17th – 21st 2008: Resource Person, Co-facilitated a training workshop on “Evaluation of Information Products and Services held in The Caribbean, St Lucia, Castries. Organised by CTA.
  5. October 27th – 31st 2008: Consultant; Facilitated a training workshop on “Writing a Winning Proposal” for Non-Public Agricultural Research Institutes in the NARS.
  6. September 15th – 25th 2008: Resource Person, Conducted a 2-weeks training workshop at Haramaya University on “Managing for Impact: From Theory to Practice; organised by Wageningen International and IFPRI/ISNAR
  7. April – June 2008: Managing For Impact Associate, Together with the Regional Programme for the Strengthening Managing for Impact in Eastern and Southern Africa (SMIP) and the Center for Agricultural Management, Policy and Learning for Eastern Africa (CARMPoLEA) develop an effective participatory and learning oriented M&E system to monitor and evaluate progress, performance and impact of the IFAD funded ASSP/ASDP-L programme, including impact to the beneficiaries (Zanzibar).
  8. April 14th – 16th 2008; Facilitator to develop a second phase follow-up project of EAPGREN – ASARECA, at Imperial Resort Beach Entebbe
  9. February 25th – March 14th 2008 – M&E Expert and Trainer: Train Project staff, M&E and Planners from various NGO’s and Public Sector in Monitoring and Evaluation – MS TCDC Arusha Tanzania.
  10. November 23rd – 14th December 2007 – M&E Expert and Trainer: Train Development Workers from Denmark and Germany before they are deployed to developing countries and M&E and Planners from various NGO’s and Public Sector in Monitoring and Evaluation – MS TCDC Arusha Tanzania.
  11. October 29th – 31st 2007 – M&E Resource Person: to edit a book “Monitoring and Evaluation of Information products and services” – Bonn Germany.
  12. October 1st – 19th 2007 – M&E Expert and Trainer: Train Officers from 11 Districts of Zambia, Ministry of Education in Monitoring and Evaluation – MS TCDC Arusha Tanzania.
  13. September 24th – 26th 2007 – Resource Person: PROTA / CTA International Workshop and Investors’ Forum, Nairobi, Kenya to discuss “Effective Dissemination and Utilisation of Knowledge Generated from the Plant Resources of Tropical Africa”
  14. May 27th – 29th 2007 – Capacity Development Resource Person: Developing capacity development framework for assessing capacity gaps and developing strategies for Africa; Accra Ghana, funded by UNDP
  15. May 21st – 28th 2007 - M&E and Project Management Specialist: Review and realign the Ruhiira Millennium Village Project and facilitate a workshop to discuss improvement in project implementation for the attainment of MDGs at local level – Supported by UNDP, Earth Institute in Colombia and the Millennium Promise in USA.
  16. April 1st – May 30th 2007 - MIS Specialist: To develop a user-friendly Research Management Information System for the Parliament of Uganda
  17. November 21st – 25th 2006 - Resource Person: Conceptualisation of the Strengthening Managing for Impact Project; funded by IFAD – During a workshop held at Haramaya University in Ethiopia
  18. October 2006 - ICT Expert: Task team member to review and refine the proposed postgraduate program in Information Communication and Knowledge Management – Proposed by RAIN
  19. October 20th –November 15th 2006 - M&E/MIS Consultant: To develop a user friendly automated M&E system for Environmental Alert (NGO).
  20. December 5th – 16th 2005 - Strategic Planning and Priority Setting Consultant: to facilitate the development of Musa Sub-sector priorities and Strategic Plans for Rwanda, Burundi and DR. Congo. Supported by INBAP.
  21. July 2004 to March 2005 - ICT/ICM Consultant: Assessment of ICT/ICM human resource capacities and related training needs in the context of agricultural research for development in Eastern and Central Africa. July 2004 to March 2005. Regional Agricultural Information Network (RAIN) of the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA)
  22. 24th – 27th March 2004 - Information and Communication Consultant to facilitate a workshop on Modern ways of accessing and managing information for development – A component of the Information Resource Centre, DATICs DANIDA, Held at the Global Learning Centre, Uganda Management Institute,
  23. 3rd – 4th October 2003 - Strategic Planning Consultant to facilitate Strategic Planning Workshop for Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Held at Kibaale Guest House in Kibaale District
  24. 10th -17th August 2003 - Priority Setting Expert in Agricultural Research for Rwanda Government – Kigali
  25. 4th -7th August, 2003 - Priority Setting Expert to facilitate the priority setting exercise for the ASARECA. Regional Biotechnology network –Held at Hilton Hotel Nairobi, Kenya
  26. 05th May – 30th August 2003 - IT/MIS Specialist to facilitate the priority setting exercise for the Regional Agricultural Information Network (RAIN) – ASARECA network.
  27. 27th – 29th March 2003 - Resource Person, Operationalisation of the Strategic Plan for Posta Uganda at Botanical Beach Hotel, Entebbe.
  28. 14th – 17th January 2003 - Resource Person, Strategic Business Planning Workshop for Posta Uganda at Nile Resort, Jinja
  29. 5th – 6th September 2002 - Resource Person, Management Information System (MIS) Sensitisation for Managers of World Vision - Uganda at Rider Hotel – Seeta
  30. 3rd - 14th December 2001 - Resource Person, CTA / ISNAR Regional Course: Management Information Systems at Ede, Netherlands
  31. 14th – 18th August 2000 - ISNAR/UnDF IT/MIS Specialist. To provide technical in Backstopping for the implementation of MIS in Tanzania.
  32. 12th–16th June 2000 - ISNAR/UnDF IT/MIS Specialist. To provide technical Backstopping for the implementation of MIS in Zambia.
  33. 1998 Dec. to 1999 March - Questionnaire designer and Data Analyst for the Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits industry Study. This was a Government Project supported by Arab Development Bank, Cairo (BADEA).
  34. June to August 1998 - ISNAR/NARO Management Information Systems Specialist to train Makerere University Research Extension Co-coordinators and some NARO Staff in management information systems. This work was funded by ISNAR for strengthening the relevancy of Universities in the NARs.

Teaching Experience

  1. 1988-1990 Assistant Lecturer at Makerere Univeristy in the Department of Crop Science
  2. 1997 - March 2009 Senior Lecturer of IT at Nkumba University

Subjects that Sylvester teaches

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems
  • E-Procurement
  • E-Business
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Internet and WebPage Design
  • Legal Aspects of Computing (Introduction to Computer Law)

Research Interests

Sylvester is interested in Monitoring and evaluation and Knowledge management, Management information systems and providing capacity building services in these areas.

Sylvester's Summarised Biodata

Sylvester's Biodata

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