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What is your area of expertise?

This page is designed as a hub to connect people of like disciplines.

[math]\checkmark[/math] Simply edit your user page and add a tag like this: [[Category:Biologist]] or perhaps [[Primary teacher]] and then save.

[math]\checkmark[/math] Avoid things like Biology because that will link you to the subject rather than the group of specialists.

[math]\checkmark[/math] You certainly may have more than one specialty.

[math]\checkmark[/math] Make sure your specialty category page has this tag added: [[Category:Specialties]] (e.g. see subcategory Biologist), so it can be listed on main category Specialties

Why bother

This important question should be answered whenever one expends effort! The category tag will list you on a page like this where you may communicate with like-minded users. You may edit these category pages and add links to your projects, use the discussion tab to float ideas, and generally foster communication within your profession and beyond.

Specialty Profiles

Please add short explanations of profiles.

Category Specialty Profile
Chemical engineer
Chemistry teacher
Computing teacher
Curriculum Consultant
Curriculum designer
EDMS Specialist
English teacher
HIV/AIDS Educator
HR Manager
IT Specialist
Instructional Designer
Learning designer
Linux Users
Mathematics teacher
Multimedia Designer
Online facilitator
Online moderator
Physics teacher
Private teacher
Radio Presenter
School librarian
Science teacher
Sociology professor
Software developer
Spanish teacher
Systems Analyst
Graphic Designer
Add more...

Interdisciplinary Communities of Practice

If you want to learn a bit more about what a Community of Practice is, please see here

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