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Welcome to the Organization Management and Development Page

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Setting up WikiEducator - Quick & Easy!

Please Keep This in Mind...

WikiEducator has a Simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) - which means you'll need to learn 4 or 5 things, and as you get more comfortable with it, then you can move onto more complex activites. For now though, remember "Simple GUI"!

Before you start, you'll need to do the following:

  • Choose a User Name (i.e., think about Your Identity in the WikiEducator community)
  • Find a copy of your bio or resume
  • Find a recent picture of yourself (jpg format)

You will use these to develop your own User Page.

What do I do? What do I do next? Why? Where do I find it? Go to...
SIGN UP for a WikiEducator ACCOUNT Wait for the CONFIRMATION EMAIL, and then click on it to activate your account To join our community of educators; to collaborate quickly; to leverage WikiEducator to achieve your project goals Very Top Right Corner of WikiEd Main Page
Set up your PREFERENCES Go to MY PREFERENCES To be notified by email when pages you are 'watching' are changed (by you or someone else) VERY TOP of Every Page - in between MY TALK and MY WATCHLIST
Begin EDITING or Adding Content Click EDIT and start typing in the big box To start using WikiEducator 3rd TAB in the TOP MIDDLE of Every WikiEducator Page
Write a short description of what you just did in the SUMMARY BOX - then click SAVE. Click SAVE To let other WikiEducators know what changes you made AND to SAVE your work! LONG RECTANGULAR BOX at the bottom of every editing area - just under where it says: DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION!
VIEWING A SPECIFIC PAGES on WikiEducator REFRESH your screen whenever you return, to make sure you're looking at the latest version. To make sure that you're seeing the latest version (Reason: it may have been changed while you've been away) the REFRESH BUTTON in your Browser
Viewing OVERALL ACTIVITY on WikiEducator Make sure to look at "RECENT CHANGES" every time you visit WikiEducator (it's the first thing I do) TOP LEFT corner of NAVIGATION BOX


What do I do? What do I do next? Why? Where do I find it? Go to...
Set up MY USER PAGE Your USER PAGE is your unique identifier in our WikiEducator community - you can put your bio, picture and interests. (in this quick and easy tutorial, we don't do this right away, because it's a bit tricky....ask a WikiBuddy to help you!) Click on it, and an Editing Box will open -- you can then put in your content. At the TOP MIDDLE TO TOP RIGHT of every page - there's a little icon of a person to guide you!

A WikiBuddy can help you with ALL of the above

A WikiBuddy has been certified in wiki editing skills and can help you....Just ask!


You can get Help or Access WikiEducator's Tutorials at this link. If you want to learn more wiki skills, you can enroll in a free wiki skills training workshop - called the Learning4Content initiative.

What do I do next?

  • Watch to see what happens to your others help to make your pages look better, add links, images, etc.
  • Ask questions
  • Subscribe to WikiEducator's Main Discussion Thread on Google Groups - (You'll need to sign up for a Gmail account though -
  • Observe what's happening in the wiki, and the discussion thread!