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At the OERu 2011.11 meeting of founding anchor partners it was proposed that the project evaluation be guided by the Context, Input, Process and Product Evaluation (CIPP) model (see Stufflebeam 2007) with the aim of facilitating decision making and providing input into the structure of the OERu project framework as it evolved.

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The aim of the input evaluation is to consider design alternatives associated with the resources, tools and methods available for achieving OERu goals across institutional settings while accommodating institutional diversity.


Open consultation

The open consultation is now closed. Input evaluation 2015 (Version 4) of the survey was used to populate the online survey. Respondents are requested to complete the survey by 31 August 2015. The activity below is kept for historic reasons.

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Please download a copy of Input evaluation 2015 (Version 3) and provide feedback by posting your comments on the discussion page in WikiEducator by 3 August 2015.


  • To prepare draft survey items for the input evaluation for consultation during the November OERu partners meeting
  • To draft a revised version for final consultation with the OERu community.
  • To administer the online survey (August 2015)
  • To plan interviews with a small number of OERu stakeholders to identify barriers to engagement.
  • Analyse data and publish an initial report by 30 September 2015 to be tabled at the October partners meeting.


  1. Initial report of the OERu input evaluation survey (Prepared for the OERu 2015.10 partners meeting.)
  2. Input evaluation final report, December 2015
  3. Input evaluation survey results

Survey versions