OERu/Planning/OERu input evaluation/Barriers and obstacles to participating in the OERu

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  • Technology challenges: varying levels of staff expertise/experience with MediaWiki and the associated interface with delivery platforms; - Jim Taylor
  • Varying levels of staff expertise/experience with responsive web design; - Jim Taylor
  • Competing demands on time and resources to maintain project momentum; - Jim Taylor
  • Lack of continuity in senior management roles at the institutional level. - Jim Taylor
  • Time and effort required for coordination of OERu activities - David Gibson
  • Partners’ lack of accountability--neither incentives nor rewards for getting work done, aside from the obvious sense of accomplishment and satisfaction - Marc Singer
  • Lack of clarity about the process: what comes next? With whom should I be checking in? In other words, what is the "recipe" for contributing to the OERu? By that I mean not just the steps in the recipe, but the ingredients as well. And where do I go to get those ingredients? And to extend the metaphor, how do I know if my recipe turned out well? - Marc Singer
  • Challenges with understanding the organization of the Wiki. This is not to say that the wiki is not a good idea, only that it is difficult to navigate, and I can't use it to explain the project to others at my institution. - Marc Singer
  • Lack of strategic guidance and thinking as partners come on board, to help guide what would be a win/win at their home institution in terms of where best to put their efforts. Good to have a little mentoring to connect dots between local aims/strategy and OERu aims/strategy before launching into course development for example. Also good to guide the process of course nomination and explain the OERu wrap-around design model vs convert existing course - the latter tends to put new members on the path to converting existing proprrietry textbooks and closed academic journals, which seems to become an obstacle to progress and a sense of creative possibility! - Sarah Lambert